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No.14416 random
O concentrate on a single point for 20 minutes and sickness goes away. What ballerons do when they spin.

No.14415 random
Bit random but had a chance to hop on a boat for a fun ride and out of no where massive winds kicked in and this is what it was. It's not as bad as open water of course but yeah it's pretty bad and scariest part is being trown off board. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Qn1J8f5TL6A We had an excellent Capitan that told us exactly what to do and it was actually pretty fun. Now in open water you can see 2 tornadoes and lightning. Waves are massive and more frequent. Some ships leak because body of the ship can't take the stress. Impressive, I think. Seasickness goes away in 30 minutes. Almost everyone gets it. Some suffer badly, however.

No.14414 random
Searched France unrest. >students >Apple Bordeaux store vandalized and robbed during French ‘yellow vest’ riots France is gone.

No.14413 random
There is chance. I doubt immigrants are at fault or then young presidents. I have to read and know more about issue to comment.

No.14412 random
urope is a mess, was a mess and will be a mess. Antarctica and afrika are only resort left.

No.14411 random
>>14409 >>14410 Thats why there were so many people, cos its not just right wingers and nationalists, its everyone that is annoyed with the cost of living.

No.14410 random
>>14409 Only some of the protesters feel that way, most are just annoyed they can barely get enough money to live.

No.14409 random
Macron is a puppet of the Rothchild. Next time they're gonna vote right just like Italy. Every western country is sick of seeing immigrants everywhere

No.14408 random
Yeah Don't like president as far as I know. I didn't not follow much.

No.14407 random
Why what's going on? Riots?

No.14406 random

No.14405 random
>>14404 Things never get better, only worse.

No.14404 random
>>14402 Or just before the good times

No.14402 random
Looks like you got out of France at the right time Kev...

No.14401 random
Good watch

No.14400 softair

No.14399 random
>>14398 Thx I watched the whole thing and I wanna die now. Video goes full propaganda Google agenda at 3:40.

No.14398 random
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YbJOTdZBX1g Holy shit. I couldn't watch past 1:30

No.14397 random
Unpaid moderators is why

No.14396 random
I wonder why

No.14395 random
I get banned everywhere else

No.14394 random
Ok who made this bullshit spambot?

No.14393 random
Say you ever had a favorite pet. You would pet then go bipolar and smack that pet for very very long time. Pet will continue to love you because it's how it is but what does that say about the owner?

No.14392 feels
>>14363 Wanna say turd in toilet papper but I can't.

No.14391 random
Feels like everyone is banned and I'm not. Delete. I'm all love again.

No.14390 random
i love you but i will never like what you do.

No.14389 random
would you at least tell me a farewell?

No.14388 random
You're very dense 4kev.

No.14387 random
Is hair original?

No.14386 random
I love you. Do I post my dick here? Or should I Livestream elsewhere.

No.14385 random
I love you. Pretty shit when that happens. Go live your life of whatever. I'll continue, alone.

No.14384 random
I'm joining army so yeah.

No.14383 random
Not afraid of you bitch.

No.14382 random
Outstanding cyberbully. Now GTFO my life. I'm not afraid of you bully.

No.14381 random
Could be true if is coming from you.

No.14379 random
>>14376 I thought Terry was dead.

No.14378 feels

No.14377 random
one sex let me get the dubs.

No.14376 random
i wont be with you because you got someone better. you caused this frustration because youre dumb. dear fbi, make a fucking effort and shut down this cunt. im out, peace be with ya.

No.14375 meta

No.14374 meta
fbi org should be at your door.

No.14373 meta

No.14372 meta
I know who you are so fuck you and what you are...

No.14371 meta
oshit open up

No.14370 meta
Works on my machine

No.14369 meta

No.14368 meta

No.14367 meta
>One year later >Still not fixed mfw

No.14366 cyberpunk
Year to discover social media and blog.

No.14365 cyberpunk

No.14364 random

No.14362 cyberpunk

No.14361 cyberpunk
Favorite poster eh.

No.14360 cyberpunk
Based dog poster

No.14358 feels
>>14354 lol

No.14357 feels
Bring two then lmao.

No.14356 feels
>>14355 Seconded.

No.14355 feels
Gonna need an inhailer

No.14353 cyberpunk
>>14352 Heavy

No.14352 cyberpunk
>>14350 >>14351 Good doggo.

No.14349 random
Well shit it's Friday

No.14348 random
It's Thursday

No.14347 random
>>14344 I love this song.

No.14346 feels

No.14345 random
GOTTA get down on friday man, you just GOTTA

No.14343 random
>>14323 T R A P ?

No.14342 feels

No.14341 feels
>>14340 Says who?

No.14340 feels
: A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others

No.14339 development
Companies realized that most users don't know anything about technology and only care about looks. We are between the few who care about functionality. I wouldn't mind if we still had grey windows and no shadows/animations in the UI


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No.14380 feels

No.14367 meta

No.14363 feels

No.14359 feels

No.14358 feels

No.14354 feels

No.14353 cyberpunk

No.14351 cyberpunk

No.14350 cyberpunk

No.14346 feels

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No.14323 random

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