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No.14463 random
>>14462 No retarded fuck

No.14462 random
That's cute and all, but does it lick the peanut butter off your whopper?

No.14461 feels
>>14460 ?

No.14460 feels

No.14457 random
Good 😃

No.14456 random
>>14455 Спасибо я люблю тебя.

No.14455 random
я урод, я тебя лоблю. помоему, я гений.

No.14453 random
Can always fuck off if you don't like it.

No.14452 random
>>14451 T R A P ?

No.14451 random
Whatcha lookin at punk?

No.14450 random
>>14447 And I thought 4kev was bad. That place is beyond shit

No.14449 random
Dogechen although it may not be a good idea afterall

No.14448 random
Can I ban

No.14447 random
Greetings from kotchan, we're kots there. https://kotchan.org/chat/int

No.14446 random
Real schizophrenics are nearly impossible to deal with. Just like cold can be mistaken for flue.

No.14445 random
Everyone wants to be vango so there we go ;)

No.14444 random
How is that schitsofrenic is I don't know.

No.14443 random
Delete cookies, YouTube ai is on crack

No.14442 random
Also Youtube started suggesting me videos about mental illnesses out of nowhere. Should i be worried?

No.14441 random
I was about to make a comment about schizophrenia too. Spooky

No.14440 random
is this a collection of schizophrenia maths?

No.14439 random

No.14437 feels
>>14432 Love forever.

No.14436 random
It's connected.

No.14435 random
>>14427 Also California is one of the worst places on planet earth.

No.14434 random
>>14429 >Wikipedia needs your help. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/12/20/cash_rich_wikipedia_chugging/ A lot of 'cybercrimes' are bullshit.

No.14433 random
>>14428 How can we argue when you didn't state your position? You gave an example situation but didn't say what you think about it.

No.14432 feels
>>14426 Oh you :3

No.14431 music

No.14430 random
Link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyberstalking

No.14429 random
Wikipedia needs your help. Here is an article I found because of it. Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, group, or organization.[1] It may include false accusations, defamation, slander and libel. It may also include monitoring, identity theft, threats, vandalism, solicitation for sex, or gathering information that may be used to threaten, embarrass or harass.

No.14428 random
I'm ready to argue of anyone is interested. As an example, we’ll have two individuals: Anne and Bob. Anne, in an attempt to embarrass Bob, searches his name on Google, Facebook, and several other public record websites. Anne then collects all the information she has about him. Then, she posts it elsewhere and encourages individuals to harass Bob through social media websites, email, or phone calls.

No.14427 random
I hope I get investigated. >ttps://www.shouselaw.com/is-internet-trolling-a-crime-in-california

No.14426 feels
You look like that.

No.14423 random

No.14422 random
I'm taking asvab.

No.14418 random
>>14410 >they can barely get enough money to live I used to get 2000€ a month working as waiter. Unemployed people get subsidies and education and if you have kids it gets even better

No.14417 random
I like the song you posted

No.14411 random
>>14409 >>14410 Thats why there were so many people, cos its not just right wingers and nationalists, its everyone that is annoyed with the cost of living.

No.14410 random
>>14409 Only some of the protesters feel that way, most are just annoyed they can barely get enough money to live.

No.14409 random
Macron is a puppet of the Rothchild. Next time they're gonna vote right just like Italy. Every western country is sick of seeing immigrants everywhere

No.14407 random
Why what's going on? Riots?

No.14405 random
>>14404 Things never get better, only worse.

No.14404 random
>>14402 Or just before the good times

No.14402 random
Looks like you got out of France at the right time Kev...

No.14400 softair

No.14399 random
>>14398 Thx I watched the whole thing and I wanna die now. Video goes full propaganda Google agenda at 3:40.

No.14398 random
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YbJOTdZBX1g Holy shit. I couldn't watch past 1:30

No.14396 random
I wonder why

No.14394 random
Ok who made this bullshit spambot?

No.14382 random
Outstanding cyberbully. Now GTFO my life. I'm not afraid of you bully.

No.14381 random
Could be true if is coming from you.

No.14379 random
>>14376 I thought Terry was dead.

No.14370 meta
Works on my machine

No.14367 meta
>One year later >Still not fixed mfw

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No.14362 cyberpunk

No.14360 cyberpunk
Based dog poster

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>>14354 lol

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>>14355 Seconded.

No.14352 cyberpunk
>>14350 >>14351 Good doggo.

No.14347 random
>>14344 I love this song.

No.14346 feels

No.14345 random
GOTTA get down on friday man, you just GOTTA

No.14343 random
>>14323 T R A P ?

No.14341 feels
>>14340 Says who?

No.14339 development
Companies realized that most users don't know anything about technology and only care about looks. We are between the few who care about functionality. I wouldn't mind if we still had grey windows and no shadows/animations in the UI

No.14338 feels
Being alone is great. People are a waste of time and money

No.14337 random
>>14333 Yeah i guess these launches can help us create better missiles and software but until we solve the fuel problem we're stuck on earth

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