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No.14201 random
>>14194 exact same happened here in igloo land

No.14200 development

No.14199 development
>>14197 Thx >>14198 What am I looking at? Whats in the boxes? What are the books?

No.14198 development
Ps had to wipe off dust to take a pix

No.14197 development
Cool door blockers or stoppers

No.14196 development
And so it begins...

No.14195 random
>>14192 Nope, but his email ends with 1970

No.14194 random
Since we're all from different countries, did you notice any change in the local weather? I was worried because November started out incredibly hot. Then we got a week of rain and now it feels more like winter

No.14193 feels

No.14192 random
>>14190 Its probably in his email in the database no?

No.14191 feels
>14180 I know that feel. I'm trying to play the guitar as much as I can but work and daily tasks take away most of my time

No.14190 random
>>14189 It's not fair that you know my name and I don't know yours

No.14189 random
>>14165 God damn federico. I suprisingly can't use this weird big to my advantage

No.14188 random

No.14187 random

No.14186 random
>>14185 T R A P S i mean. Funny replacement there kev

No.14185 random
>>14184 >>14182 Hol up. Why does it show fags as the poster in the quick view thing. But shark on the actual post?

No.14184 random
>>14182 imagine wanting a site that attracts attention from all the wrong people instead of enjoying a cozy secret club for you and your friends.

No.14183 random
>>14182 >no name image board

No.14182 random
imagine being the dev/admin of a 2 bit fourm thats only ever been advertised on a no name image board

No.14181 meta
>>14148 Wow you guys are still somewhat alive. Haven't been here in a while

No.14180 feels
>>14177 trying to draw a bit more but with work, it's difficult to find the energy. When I'm not working, I'm too exhausted for anything. That could change though since it's probably because I haven't been eating as much as I should

No.14179 random
>>14176 >>14178

No.14177 feels
Even if you tried to post in the last weeks you couldn't because (((HE))) fucked everything up again. Sorry to hear you're depressed man, hope it's just a phase. Are you still drawing?

No.14176 random
>>14165 what site?

No.14175 feels
sorry for not posting in a while. Working full time, trying to find a place, and trying to rebound from depression. What has everyone been up to lately?

No.14174 meta

No.14173 random
bumo 4 frens

No.14172 random
im gonna poop

No.14171 random
upvoted for originality

No.14170 meta
well it wasnt funny, but youre always good at finding bugs so theres that i guess.

No.14169 meta
ahh i see..

No.14167 random
Good idea, I'll try to do the same here

No.14166 meta
>>14162 I found the sticky one hilarious because it meant that all brand new posts appeared all the way on the last page of the boards lmao.

No.14165 random
>>14163 I'm gonna but snow on the top edges of my site's UI.

No.14164 meta
>>14162 Technically I kicked my own ass out.

No.14163 random
Are you ready for it?

No.14162 meta
Quick rundown on what happened in the last days >Shark uses the admin page to ban everyone and make every post a sticky >I don't notice for waaay too long >now it's all back to normal See I would love to kick Shark's ass outta here, but he's not a bad guy. He could've deleted all posts, instead he just showed me a flaw in the system

No.14160 meta
>>14148 It was me lol

No.14159 random

No.14155 meta
I made a test file that executes >SELECT * FROM posts; UPDATE posts SET sticky=1 but it didn't work. Apparently batched statements don't work here

No.14152 meta
What the hacker probably did was using the inspect function in chrome to turn all posts into stickies. Before I fix the problem I want to do the same thing so I can get a real understanding of the vulnerability. It will take some time but I can't let the website open to other attacks like this one

No.14150 random
Sweet dreams cato

No.14149 meta
Unfortunately the popup reply box doesn't work on mobiles. Even on 4chan it can't be moved. I just use the normal reply form and link posts manually

No.14148 meta
Woah apparently we got HACK3D again and I didn't even notice for days. Sorry guys. Can we do a small census to see who's still browsing?

No.14141 random
I think anonymous was trolling because of the "you're pathetic man just shut up"

No.14137 random
>>14136 to stop freeloading and be an adult.

No.14136 random
>>14132 I live with my parents. Why would I want money?

No.14135 cyberpunk
>>14134 seems like something I'd do

No.14134 cyberpunk
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RP2qUYCZkM0 Liquid marijuana from the movie Nirvana

No.14133 cyberpunk
What is the most cyberpunk drug in your opinon? I consider all psychedelics and coke the most cyberpunk drug to date.

No.14132 random
>>14125 in my opinion it's better to have a cash flow than go without one. more things to do with some money in your pocket

No.14131 feels
Went a while without it and ended up cumming in my pants while half asleep thinking about sex...

No.14129 random
This motor is amazing if it is what I think it is. I'm trying to tacle it. I can run it full off 120 American. My worry is burning it. They don't produce them no more. Or I don't think. Worst case I make it American if it doesn't get trown away.

No.14128 television
>>14126 >Emma Watson Into the fucking trash it goes.

No.14127 television
>>14126 >The circle Is it a movie about nonces?

No.14126 television
20 minutes into the movie and she's flirting with a nigger. DROPPED

No.14125 random
fuck I actually got the job I'm probably gonna quit

No.14124 random
i made the light fixture myself ^__^

No.14123 random
>>14112 fresh install :)D

No.14122 random
Say goodnight to this cat, she sleepy.

No.14121 meta
Le problim is I can't get the popup reply box to activate my keyboard It thinks I'm trying to move it every time I touch it with le touchscreen

No.14120 meta

No.14119 meta
I can't respond to posts on my tablet, pls halp. Sincerely, A. Friend

No.14116 random

No.14115 random
So stocked it runs and I am able to get 159 volts out of it

No.14114 random

No.14112 random
>>14111 >linux

No.14111 random
Yeh bro

No.14110 technology
>>14109 fuck you


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