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No.13472 meta
Sorry for the mess, I changed hostname and forgot to update the function that connects to the database.

No.13471 random
Made me think....

No.13470 development
>>13458 >>13469 Enjoying terrible internet privacy and freedom. my site is gonna be hosted in the netherlands.

No.13469 development
keeping it fast for us and slow for you Thx kev daddy we appreciate everything you do

No.13468 random
I fucking hate idiots on the bus when its getting dark and their fucking phone is on 100% brightness fucking idiots.

No.13467 meta
Kev seriously fix your links, allowing downgrading from https to http is unacceptable, its almost worse than not having https because you trick people into thinking they have a secure connection and then take it away.

No.13466 random
>>13454 <3

No.13465 random
Iron maiden has been in my town few times. I never went.

No.13464 random
>>13454 I like that it's weird. It's better weird. I was too used to the phone version.

No.13463 random
>>13454 i like it weird

No.13462 random
>>13454 good band website is weird on a computer

No.13461 music
>>13460 Its disgusting and upsetting. She's not even a good feminist anyway since she cannot be single for even a minute she always needs a man.

No.13460 music
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHLHSlExFis I was shocked half of the time. No wonder why muslims go boom at her concerts. I liked the part where five white guys throw insults at her lol. And how she rubs her vagina on the north pole. Shit's crazy. Feminists can cry all they want but women will never account to anything in our society. That's the truth of life. Nice job jews, gave me a chuckle

No.13459 music
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3-hY-hlhBg DAYUM

No.13458 development
>Why the fuck is 4kev and Lainchan both hosted in the US? What difference does it make? I did some research and saw that Dreamhost was reliable and not expensive. That's all I needed. I don't even know any European ones tbh. >>13456 huh?

No.13457 development
>>13456 I'm not against buying hosting, I do it myself, running your own box is insane and much more costly. I just don't understand hosting in the US of all places. Esp. if not using your own box since you can host in a better country than the one you reside in.

No.13456 development
Because it's hosted by cucks who think they're supposed to buy webhosting, and call themselves cyberpunks despite not having the mentality to run their own box

No.13455 development
Why the fuck is 4kev and Lainchan both hosted in the US?

No.13454 random
I just saw the Iron Maiden, great stuff

No.13452 cyberpunk
_ ___| |_ __ _ _ __ ___ / __| __/ _` | '__/ __| \__ \ || (_| | | \__ \ |___/\__\__,_|_| |___/

No.13450 random
10/10 brick structures

No.13449 random
>>13442 Did you know those are Fabuland propellers?

No.13448 random
>>13442 Cool

No.13447 music
>>13445 Watch her latest video.

No.13445 music

No.13444 music
wtf I hate Ariana Grande now

No.13443 anime
naruto in a nutshell

No.13440 random
I like this website too. I do miss radio channel. it's only one I've been subscribed to.

No.13439 random
No need to be agreasive c:

No.13438 random
I like this board stop coming here This is now my turf

No.13436 random
Leaked Tesla secret AI project

No.13435 feels
When I die, fuck it, I wanna go to hell 'Cause I'm a piece of shit, it ain't hard to fuckin' tell

No.13434 random
>>13433 do it pusy

No.13433 random
>>13432 ill ban you

No.13432 random
finally i can post fish porn on 4kev

No.13431 random
The things people say! I’ll have you know I was president of my class and graduated in the top ten of a class of 500 other worthy individuals and went on to become the head of a secret Brony board that has influenced the conception of innumerable My Little Pony episodes. I’ve been inducted into the super-secret elite hugging squad, participating in at least 300 mass huggings. I am trained to perform profound hugs, the likes of which could dissuade a barracuda from attacking, and bear hugs that could topple anyone into a sempiternal snuggling session. You are just another Brony in the making to me. I tell you now that I will smother your cynical incredulity with friendship unparalleled by anything ever to exist on Earth, for it comes from Equestria, your future home. It baffles me that you would expect anything less by addressing me in such a way over the Internet. You will learn, friend, that friendship is magic and come to reconsider your position. As I compose this response to you, all the Bronies in your area (as doubtless there are some, for we are ubiquitous) are converging on your position via GPS coordinates from your mobile device, so brace for our embrace, friend, -- the embrace that extinguishes petty rage and silences truculence until all that remains is friendship. Your days of neighsaying are done. As a matter of fact, I believe I’m rather close to your location, and, trust me, we’re going to become BFFs before you even know it; I have thousands of ways of making it happen. And that’s not counting the methods I can employ by meeting you in person. Not only am I extensively trained to brohoof like a boss, but I possess all of the means to share my brotherly love with you and endorse pastel-colored ponies in the process. I will, of course, employ any means necessary on you. I must remark that, had you not spoken to me in such uncordial tones, I might not have been able to save you from this inclement path you doubtlessly ha

No.13430 random
men into little girls cartoons need help

No.13429 random
>>13428 i mean its true

No.13428 random
>>13427 Lobster boy

No.13427 random
i live in one of those

No.13426 random
good now go jump off a bridge

No.13425 random
>>13416 np bby

No.13423 random
I made this

No.13422 random

No.13421 random
>>13419 You like it?

No.13420 random
You like it?

No.13419 random
L o b s t e r F a r m

No.13418 feels
It's a beautiful day but I have no one to go out with. My "friends" don't even call me anymore because I'm a weird nasty person

No.13417 random
posting from tor browser haha

No.13416 random
>>13252 >>13411 (dub) ty bbys ilu

No.13415 meta
>>13414 Who?

No.13414 meta
>>13357 Remember Kev?

No.13413 random
>>13393 You heard wrong

No.13412 random
>>13352 hote

No.13411 random
>>13238 smol mene

No.13410 anime
>>13325 reminder that doremi ≠ [s4s]

No.13409 random
>>13282 Good.

No.13408 vip
I am CIA

No.13407 meta

No.13406 random
Carbon batteries

No.13405 random
>>13404 Electric makes wayyyy more sense.

No.13404 random
Hydrogen fuel cells Pros: No vehicle emissions other than water vapor. Fuel economy equivalent to about twice that of gasoline vehicles. Hydrogen is abundant, and can be made from renewable energy. Cons: This space-age technology is expensive. Acceptable range requires extremely-high-pressure, on-board hydrogen storage. Few places to refuel. Hydrogen is very expensive to transport and there is no infrastructure in place yet. Currently hydrogen fuel is made from nonrenewable natural gas in a process that creates enormous CO2 emissions.

No.13403 random
>>13402 Pipe dream

No.13402 random
>>13395 Are lobsters considered exotic? It would be fun to farm them but I don't know if that's possible

No.13401 vip
>>13390 I wish

No.13400 random
I sell Intellectual property. That's where my profits reside.

No.13399 random
O farmed. Antarctic deer. I also had slay dogs.

No.13398 technology
>>11740 all-forum.network >all the manuals

No.13397 random
I never sold an animal in my life a friend. I've cought few intentionally and not. Most exotic would be um...

No.13396 random
>>13392 lol


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