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No.14874 technology
As far as I know sensors only perseve observing world and not make it.

No.14873 technology
>>14871 >is it going to be like that forever? yes >Despite all our technological progress are we never going to know what is real? that's right >Is it worth it to look for answers? I don't think so

No.14871 technology
>>13876 >we aren't in a game Npc detected >>13877 God is omnipotent, aliens aren't >>14864 You make a point, but is it going to be like that forever? Despite all our technological progress are we never going to know what is real? Is it worth it to look for answers? >14866 >I can touch myself therefore I definitely exist That means I exist twice a day if you catch my drift

No.14870 cyberpunk
Needs more Loomis

No.14869 cyberpunk

No.14866 technology
I disagree. I exist. If I can touch myself therefore I definitely exist. Biological machines made of complex neurons that perseve our existing world. Nothing more and nothing less.

No.14865 technology
Surprisingly I haven't posted yet

No.14864 technology
Are you guys fucking stupid or just trolling?(if you are good job) This question has been asked many times by many different people. To think you're the first one to come up with the idea means that you are very inexperienced and probably underage. The truth is there is no way to know for sure if we are being simulated or even if we exist. The only thing we can be sure of as an individual is that something exists since at this instant there is memory in your brain that is forming a thought (or at least you feel that way). For all you know the universe might have just formed something with memories and the next instant it will become something else.

No.14863 random
You can go ahead and take me back.

No.14862 random
Fucking this, fuck this place. I posted the funniest video I've ever seen for others to enjoy and it fucking gets deleted because OH NO it mentions 'the gay' even though the guy in the fucking video says mostly anti-gay stuff. Fuck 4kev, I'm gone. There is no point to posting here.

No.14861 random
Stop silencing you shit.

No.14860 random
Why always delete comments? Suppressing my union and opressing my believes. You're scum.

No.14859 random
Why do you always ban. Authoritarian cunt.

No.14858 feels
>>14852 She was too polite or scared to tell me she didn't want to see me.

No.14857 cyberpunk
>>14855 It's too early for torrents. That's why most of the movies I watch are from the 90's

No.14855 cyberpunk
I like style of the film Any torrents?

No.14854 cyberpunk
I saw it tonight. Great movie and she's a babe. Really gives you that cyberpunk feeling. Dialogues are meh but imo it's better than Ghost in the Shell

No.14853 cyberpunk
Drugs in flick conciousness. Just saying.

No.14852 feels
She cared about you bro.

No.14851 feels
>>14850 k

No.14850 feels
I miss her so much

No.14849 meta
Ya ban yourself

No.14848 meta
>>14838 soon™

No.14847 cyberpunk
Those who rub cunts at a strip club are I'm surely worthy.

No.14846 cyberpunk
>I should definitely tell myself I'm unworthy.

No.14845 cyberpunk
>>14844 we try to prove to ourselves that we are worth a lot, and therefore we make efforts to really become worthy (of fucking girls)

No.14844 cyberpunk
>>14843 her's what i tried to say: I think consciousness is simply the result of the crewation of ego in the brain. for example, we often talk into our head, it\\\'s just a way for the brain to organize data in an efficient manner. Surely it also comes from the fact that we are a very social species.

No.14843 cyberpunk
>>14842 whoops typed what I wanted to say in the name field

No.14842 cyberpunk
>>14841 >>14840

No.14841 cyberpunk
It's understood. What you call conciousness is simply a very complex loop that's rehearsed many many times where learning kicks in and we skip rehearsal trough action. Candle is hot. Do not touch it. Or touch it, up to you.

No.14840 cyberpunk
>>14830 The transition you suggest is very complex. What exactly do you want to preserve? The soul? We lose consciousness everytime we sleep yet when we wake up we're still us. You may reply that when we sleep our brain still works, i get that. The truth is that we won't be able to create living machines until we understand exactly how the brain works and where consciousness comes from.

No.14839 cyberpunk
It was the most appropriate. We all know that game sucks

No.14838 meta
Ban when?

No.14837 random
Blu man

No.14834 random
Got my buddy set up in case tsunami.

No.14833 meta
Looks like we actually have a new user... hello there.

No.14832 cyberpunk
Did you seriously use No Man's Sky as a reference

No.14831 cyberpunk
I like my human self and would like to have amazing passionate sex.

No.14830 cyberpunk
>>14827 Indeed a machine can very well be considered alive if it acts like a living being. I think the main problem would be the transition... Do you kill yourself once the data is transfered to the machine or do you slowly transfer the data to the machine by fusing with it? That's why i'm thinking of first adding small machine components to humans and slowly turn them into a machine by adding more until there is no need for the original brain.

No.14829 cyberpunk
>>14828 no it's serial experiments lain. The drug is called accela

No.14828 cyberpunk
>14822 Was it Ghost in the shell?

No.14827 cyberpunk
The question of course is can a machine be alive? Does consciousness require a biological body? I don't think so. We are just electrons, information. I don't see why we need a biological body

No.14826 cyberpunk
Possible in the future yes. But not now. I think the best thing to do is to transfer all info from the brain to a machine. Flesh is not reliable. We could even space travel for centuries if we were machines

No.14825 cyberpunk
>14824 Where are you from friendo?

No.14824 cyberpunk
Have never actually heard of such. Only think is probably preselective nanobots.

No.14823 cyberpunk
Need more memory

No.14822 cyberpunk
you know the "drug" in that anime that makes you feel FAST

No.14821 cyberpunk
I want to become smarter. Do you think it could be possible to connect artificial neurons to the brain to make people smarter?

No.14820 random
>>14817 O yeah chicks with views because of tits

No.14819 random
Takes long time to master

No.14818 random
I'm helping a friend if mine with php for an exam. After more than one year he still struggles with the for loop. Programming really isn't for everyone

No.14817 random
>>14816 Gamergate happened.

No.14816 random
>>14813 What happened then? I don't keep track

No.14815 random
And you pretend you not anoying. I make you pregnant. Good night. 14812

No.14814 random
>>14812 I love you.

No.14813 random
>>14803 You can leave 4chan if you got there after like 2014.

No.14812 random
You = spam

No.14811 random
>>14809 Kev = scum 4kev = scam

No.14810 random
What makes you different cunt from a shit that you are? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3tTt_gBHc6o

No.14809 random
Scam/scum what's the difference Kev?

No.14808 random

No.14807 random
You should be proud it's an amazing invention. I'm sure someone else has thought of it too.

No.14806 random
Doesn't work anymore but here Laser scans trough a spinning mirror and erases infos.

No.14805 random
metadata is actually a good thing, not a year of anon anymore :) anyhows the pic, china is way ahead on that but they only ahead on like 5% of what i can do with it. I got this great idea and wish my old projector was here.

No.14803 random
You can't leave 4chan, you just change boards. I've been there since 2010

No.14802 random
Get a real job

No.14801 random
>>14800 Get addicted to 4kev instead :^)

No.14800 random
How do I break my 4chan addiction? What am I even supposed to do?

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Its arm based very simple


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