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No.13284 random
*kev hates all people

No.13283 feels
I don't feel missed lol

No.13282 random
>>13280 If you post about tra​ps you get banned and Kev hates gay people so if you post anything gay you get banned also.

No.13281 random
>>13280 forgot to say pic unrelated

No.13280 random
Just found this place on 4taba, is there any unwritten guidelines on how to post(apart from the rules)?

No.13278 music
>>13277 They're turning the friggin' frogs gay!

No.13277 music

No.13276 music
>>12694 Jazz24 AArdvarkBlues ProgRock.com NPR Infowars DarkMatter

No.13275 feels
Same anon

No.13274 random
im shrek

No.13273 paranormal
>>9384 My only real question is whether we were created as part of the simulation or not. If we have bodies outside of the simulation (like the matrix) that's one thing, but if we are the AI than we are only as real as the world we inhabit. Even calling the realm of the programmer a "world" might be a stretch- just think of all the messed up "worlds" that we create for games. Escaping the simulation could be like a tetris block escaping to the 3d world.

No.13272 paranormal
>>9390 technology lost to psychosomatic evolution

No.13270 feels
feels bread man

No.13269 cyberpunk
I meant sure.

No.13268 cyberpunk
One blud sucker is enough.

No.13267 cyberpunk
When you figure it out clone a cute girl to be my gf plz

No.13266 random
>>13147 humans aren't the only species that need the earth to live on.

No.13265 television
Btw hello FBI enjoy your stay

No.13264 television
I mean think about it. Natalie is jewish. The producers are jewish. In this movie an also in Leon she is an underage girl who openly wants to fuck an adult man. Why are the jews sexualising underage girls? To spread degeneracy and destroy society. My highschool sweetheart fucked a 40yo fuck and another ex of mine fucked her driving teacher. Fuck the jews. Muslims got it all figured out. Too bad I can't force myself to believe in their god

No.13263 cyberpunk
Anything is possible https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/10774097/Breakthrough-in-human-cloning-offers-new-transplant-hope.html

No.13262 cyberpunk
No not hard. Organs have been grown and even clonned. 2000 died for me when cloning was banned. In theory all we need is life support for our brain.

No.13261 cyberpunk
I was reflecting on how hard it would be, or even if it's possible to create artificial organs like kidneys, lungs etc. I realised that we don't need all that. All we need to live longer is a blood pump connected to a brain. We already have artificial limbs and we can restore vision and hearing artificially. As long as you don't get brain cancer or another illness you can live for a very long time. Imagine a future in which the richest families (you know who) live as semi-immortal gods on earth and the rest of the population is just stupid nigger slaves. Just like the movie stargate. This is why we must preserve the white race

No.13260 feels
I still miss you sometimes..

No.13259 television
>>13258 O I think I've seen it

No.13258 television
Basically this dude falls in love with a 13yo Natalie Portman. She really was 15 but eh

No.13257 technology
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kzpc3-Pj9jg Gn.

No.13256 television
Hidden bord

No.13255 random
Wearwolf, snek. Im hungry.

No.13254 television
Looks good. I've never seen it.

No.13253 television
>posting in hidden boards

No.13252 random
>>13238 great mene

No.13251 random
>>13241 haha wearsnek like a werwolf but you turn into a snek when something happens that makes you do that xD

No.13250 television
Fuck man, this movie is giving me some major feels

No.13249 technology
It's okay. I'll just search online for data. I found some fishy websites but I'm not feeling it to download.

No.13248 technology
I basically need to estimate power usage for every killowatt. My biggest guess is that induction furnaces are rather efficient due to magnetic forces that heat up metal.

No.13247 technology
>>13246 It already has measurements I can use

No.13246 technology
Why do you need this?

No.13245 technology
May not be what I want.

No.13244 technology
Ebook is 120 bax for the handbook I need. Pdf is non-existent.

No.13243 music
I just found out. End of the world it seems.

No.13242 music
the dead boy

No.13241 random
Were snek?

No.13240 cyberpunk
That's lame

No.13239 cyberpunk
YouTube really fucked up this time. https://www.youtube.com/user/MIT/videos https://www.youtube.com/user/BlenderFoundation/videos

No.13238 random
>>13205 helo ther fren

No.13235 random
FYI it's better to start with a 10 gal for at least a year.

No.13234 random
Only if your reply is on the same line of a link to a post. It's because of the meme arrow :^)

No.13233 random
Aquarium tanks are really fun and they help remove stress. Have to maintenance it once in a while.

No.13232 random
after I reply, it red texts without meme arrows

No.13231 random
>>13228 Have to read a bit, good filtration and pH levels. It's pretty easy depending on the fish

No.13230 random
>>13221 Okay

No.13229 meta
What did you post?

No.13228 random
I was thinking building one. How hard is it?

No.13227 random
What do you mean?

No.13226 random
reee kev what the hell is this shit

No.13225 random
>>13207 aren't you that s4s poster?

No.13224 feels
I want to put my penis in that

No.13223 random

No.13222 random
>>13206 trips

No.13221 random
>>13218 oh its possible alright

No.13220 music
>>12873 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKTl1RCQB_Y

No.13219 random

No.13218 random
>>13217 Do you think it's possible?

No.13217 random
Have you thought about farming lobsters?

No.13216 feels
>>13215 Sure

No.13215 feels
When you can just be shitposting

No.13214 random
>>13203 post banana

No.13213 random
: D

No.13211 random
any tips are welcomed and are always welcomed.

No.13210 random
anyone want to talk about aquarium tanks?


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No.13260 feels

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No.13250 television

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