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No.13899 technology
More ram ofc

No.13898 technology
>>13896 ez

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No.13896 technology
Install gentoo

No.13895 random

No.13894 random
I took it out for a day and it recovered. The eyes went bad tho. It's possible to grow potatoes soiless environment. I think. Iduno.

No.13892 random
Potatoes don't grow in water eghh

No.13891 technology
Like python :))))

No.13890 random
Never 2 late 4 mate

No.13889 technology
>>13882 >>13885 Interactive shells are not as bad, my main hate is towards writing a program once in an interpreted language and it will be interpreted every time it is run instead of compiling it. For shells I think it should be a JIT compiler instead of an interpreter but interactive on-the-fly interpreting of user input is not as bad as interpreted programs.

No.13888 random
>>13887 It's too late now.

No.13887 random
5 o clock

No.13886 technology

No.13885 technology
>>13880 Yeah, the shell is such a hell.

No.13884 random
You all know what time it is and what I'm here for.

No.13883 technology
How do I speed up this nigga? I already uninstalled the antivirus and disabled defender

No.13882 technology
O like bash. I like interpreters :-]

No.13881 technology
I don't know what interpreter is hah :-| Bummed I realized I could have done a very simple electric switch for the person I used to build stuff for. He wanted a two way mic switch where if mic a is disabled mic b is enabled. It's super simple bah. I told the person to create mics that would do that.

No.13880 technology
>>13879 I don't see the point. I don't like interpreters at all.

No.13879 technology
>>13871 It is a simple, can be compiled or used interactively and as it is dead-simple it is trivial making a bare-metal interpreter. On the technical side, it offers self-reflection and is extensible. So it is great for automation in embedded systems. For osdev, I guess you could make an interpreter in C and implement the rest in Forth similar to C?/HolyC in TOS.

No.13878 technology
>>13870 What about Forth?

No.13877 technology
And the simulation hypothesis is pretty much akin to religion. If you want to speak of aliens making the cosmos, there is NO difference in a God making the cosmos. So if you like the idea maybe you should join a religion.

No.13876 technology
>It's practically infinite It has a max volume equal to a cube with edge the Venus' semimajor axis. Which in the grand scale is pretty much nothing. > What if our universe is a semplified version of a higher one? No. >What if we are just villagers in the game of a kid? No. >What if the aliens from another dimension are just the players? We aren't in a game.

No.13875 technology
>>13874 >NPC memers now in 4kev /msg kev virus detected, requesting emergency shutdown

No.13874 technology
Have you heard of the npc meme? Let's say it's true. What's a good way to spot them?

No.13873 technology
Iduno lol

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No.13871 technology
>>13870 I just looked into it and it seems pretty rubbish, whats good about it? I am using ANSI C89.

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No.13869 technology
>>13852 >right about a great many things He knew what he wanted. A C64-inspired system with an interactive graphical text-oriented environment based and written with a C-like language in which is possible to modify any part of it anytime. No network and resolution limit aren't right per se but again it's how he wanted it.

No.13868 technology
>>13864 What about Forth?

No.13867 technology
>>13863 Unexpectedly a correct approach. I usually take a long time planning and then start coding but then find my plan wasn't as good in practice so in the end I've wasted time for doing the same as you. But hey, at least my shit looks good in theory.

No.13866 technology
>>13845 He got hit by a train. He saw the train but was unable to comprehend the situation. Apparently had stopped taking meds for his schizophrenia.

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No.13864 technology

No.13863 technology
>>13861 As long as it takes. At the start I'm taking as many shortcuts as I can to get something usable as quickly as possible. For example when implementing file format specs I ignore any part of the spec that is not just about being able to show files of that format. Obviously later I will go back and improve these things but for now the goal is to get as much shit just barely working as possible so I have something usable.

No.13862 technology
>build from source >Wrete compiler from scratch :)

No.13861 technology
It took a decade to Terry to do his thing. How long are you planning to workon yours?

No.13860 technology
Writing their own bios :)

No.13859 music
>>13848 he have sp,e limd pf name lole

No.13858 technology
>>13853 I'm going to write a compiler but not first, I will get up and going using C and GCC first and then I will write a compiler so I can become self-hosting and write code on my OS. I'm building what I want, I don't care if others use it or not. >>13855 Thanks but I don't want others involved, I don't want to build a system others use, I am building it for me according to my vision.

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No.13855 technology
>write systems. Put together docs and I'll help.

No.13854 technology
Every os I tried is pointless. I'm just there for the tools.

No.13853 technology
Don't write os. It's pointless. Write compiler and install gfxs to run programs. I want to revert back to using every bit of resources. Fuck asthetics.

No.13852 technology
>>13847 Hit by train, suspected suicide but we'll never know for sure. I emailed him back in 2015 and he called me a retard and said 'fuck you nigger' and said I 'accused God of being steam chat'. I still love him and I wish he wasn't gone. I wish my only interaction with him had been a positive one but what can you do. I hate the people on 4chan who fucked with him, assholes. I'm currently starting work on my own OS and watching some old Terry vids on the design of Temple OS he was so fucking right about a great many things.

No.13851 random
>must wait longer to post

No.13850 technology
He faked his own deth

No.13849 music
He was more popular in 20s

No.13848 music
Literally who

No.13847 technology
I thought it was a troll at first. I'm very sad for the guy. He was a genius and never deserved to suffer that much in his life. Some sources say it was an accidents, others suicide. What happened really?

No.13846 technology
>>13845 https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:3d19xEng6gAJ:www.thedalleschronicle.com/news/2018/sep/07/man-killed-train-had-tech-following+&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=de

No.13845 technology
What happened? Kinda wish he picked up something else. Like going back to writing codes for machines.

No.13844 technology
Debian 9 came with that one environment egh...

No.13843 technology
I never played it lol. It's a good idea.

No.13842 random
Mexico is pretty big. Latin America.

No.13841 technology
Meds ftw

No.13840 random
Conciousness is a reflection. Let alone emotion.

No.13839 technology
Javatar *.*

No.13838 technology
Thanks yo. I'm going to run Debian 9 for a bit until I switch to bsd

No.13837 technology
>>13835 Only if you want. In FreeBSD you can compile ports or install binary packages. See: https://www.freebsd.org/ports/

No.13836 technology
We lost an absolute legend.

No.13835 technology
Bsd will everything be from source? I don't mind.

No.13834 music
See you around space cowboy :( RIP. Poor Ariana cannot catch a fucking break, assholes blaming her for this.

No.13833 technology
>>13832 lmao good one

No.13832 technology
Chrome was slow so now I use Torch

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Minecraft is really similar to our universe. It's practically infinite and it expands as you explore it, just like our universe keeps expanding creating new space. There are atoms which are the blocks, and you can combine them to create new elements, just like chemistry. And there are "phisics" which rule how water behaves or plants grow. What if our universe is a semplified version of a higher one? What if we are just villagers in the game of a kid? What if the aliens from another dimension are just the players? You can teleport yorself in games just like they do with UFOs

No.13829 technology
A virtual one would feel more real even if it's just a voice with a somple A.I.


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