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No.14696 technology
Yaeh well it should keep you out 🌝

No.14695 technology
Kev this is why I made my site invite only, to keep out people like >>14694

No.14694 technology
Not bait every mobile hardware is unique and with Google you can have one legitimate app per phone

No.14693 technology
>>14692 Stop baiting.

No.14692 technology
solution is to use mobile as id :)

No.14691 technology
>>14687 >I think that's good since it protects the kids. Fuck off retard its fucking cancer if it's true (don't doubt it since UK has been trying shit like this for a while but I haven't kept up with the latest news).

No.14690 meta
Alfas 😃

No.14689 meta
>>14676 Probably, but I've seen it again and again how online communities fall apart when somebody is openly female. Sure, they girls thrive of the attention, but what really ruins it are the thirsty males imo

No.14688 technology
I meant UK

No.14687 technology
You probably heard that the K will ask for ID to access certain sites, like porn and 4chan. I think that's good since it protects the kids. But I was also wondering, is there a way to create a new anonimous internet? Like an encrypted software that uses a language different from html

No.14686 random
You you dumfuk.

No.14685 music

No.14684 music
>>14682 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NPBIwQyPWE

No.14683 music
>>14682 Wow she a qt, I don't remember this song though, the one I posted was for nostalgia cos I remember hearing it a lot during childhood rather than cos I like the gril, hence why I posted in music instead of feels.

No.14682 music
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLCasyAh7ic The way these girls look today gives me the sads

No.14681 music

No.14680 random
>>14678 Depends on my mood.

No.14679 feels
>>14677 <3

No.14678 random
Who's better?

No.14677 feels
WTF I love Ariana now

No.14676 meta
Are feminists really a big thing in America? It's hard to believe that a group of ugly stupid women can be a threat. I think the internet exaggerates the thing

No.14675 meta
>>14673 Okay? Suit yourself? >>14674 >You hate girls because they are sometimes prettier than you or what? While that is partly true that is not the reason. Girls in general are just a liability in a community where you want to give men free speech and freedom of expression without fear.

No.14674 meta
You hate girls because they are sometimes prettier than you or what? I can't figure it out.

No.14673 meta
If you claim quality then produce quality. I won't be joining. I wanted to. But not no more.

No.14672 meta
>>14671 *no girls rule

No.14671 meta
>>14670 That's the plan my friend. Not only good posters but trustworthy posters who won't try to ruin us for having opinions that go against society's propaganda. Hence the no girls ruin, weeds out most feminists and easily offended people straight away.

No.14670 meta
Quality website Good posters only

No.14669 meta
>>14668 Every thread is a faggot thread once I arrived ;)

No.14668 meta
Is this the faggot thread?

No.14667 meta
I miss old 4kev

No.14666 meta
>>14665 Homosexuals are very welcome, as are t r a p s, just not regular girls cos they ruin everything.

No.14665 meta
Not homosexual in any way

No.14664 meta
>>14663 *t r a p s kev's fucking wordfilters

No.14663 meta
>>14662 btw you're not a girl are you? cos girls are banned. except fags, fags are allowed.

No.14662 meta
>>14661 thanks dud

No.14661 meta
>>14659 Are you just an anon? I was only gonna invite known users here like kev, ceil, a friend etc. I guess since you went to the effort though you deserve an invite and you're not a bot so okay.

No.14660 meta

No.14659 meta

No.14658 random
greed too. 3 years is enough when it takes 3 hours to id a person.

No.14657 random
you have alot of jealousy and envy in you. I see it.

No.14656 meta
Life's fucking bad ehg.

No.14654 cyberpunk
On contrary, I can explain why you have no friends, but many lovers.

No.14653 cyberpunk
What if this reality is actually a 'No Man's Sky' type of game? Everyone we interact with is an npc and the only way to communicate with real players is through forums on the internet. This explains why I have no friends

No.14652 feels
I dreamed of her again tonight. We were hugging on the couch.

No.14651 random
This website still uses my banners, nice

No.14650 meta
>>14649 Follow the instructions.

No.14649 meta
Ok invite

No.14647 anime
I invented this

No.14645 meta
Even bots dont com here

No.14644 meta
It's probably time to remove the snow and the hats now

No.14643 meta
That's very kind man :)

No.14642 feels
>>14641 no u

No.14641 feels
It's very stupid and shows little to know intelect.

No.14640 feels
>>14639 I love my queen.

No.14639 feels
This generation.....

No.14638 meta
Don't visit 4kev you is a LGBT or kev will ban you :(

No.14636 feels
omg cute!

No.14635 meta
Update in regards to Ontropy.org and invite keys. Site is still coming but all invite keys I posted here have been invalidated to prevent the spambots and annoying people here from joining. If you are not Kev (I already have your email dude) and you want an invite key please follow these steps: 1. Send an email to info@ontropy.org with your 4kev username in it. 2. I will respond with a random string, post this string in this thread using your account to verify its you. 3. If you are one of the good 4kev users I will respond to the mail again with a key.

No.14634 meta
>>14633 A bot with autism probably.

No.14633 meta
Yeah, but at least they keep the place alive. Is it autism? Bots? Both? Who knows

No.14632 meta
>>14630 The worst thing is this someone or something that keeps posting meaningless sentences every day, some of them are even in this very thread...

No.14631 meta
Yehe I remember

No.14630 meta
>>14626 I know, I know. It was beautiful when we used to talk about hacking and programming seriously. The thing is that I hate to leave things incomplete. I want to master the guitar and learn japanese before I get back to coding. I'm sorry, I wish I had more time

No.14629 meta
We more than likely got bombarded by tumbeler :v

No.14628 meta
Present is pretty important, me thinks.

No.14627 meta
Why not remember what was good. I miss many things too, but some things come for better or not.

No.14626 meta
4kev sucks now :( I miss the old days.

No.14625 random

No.14624 random
Heyay https://www.google.com/search?q=stoping+cyberstalker&hl=en&lr=lang_en&safe=active

No.14623 random
>>14621 Homie €:


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No.14648 anime

No.14647 anime

No.14646 anime

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No.14636 feels

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No.14610 cyberpunk

No.14606 random

No.14600 cyberpunk

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