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No.12981 technology
>>12977 I don't know exactly why he needed this. I think it's to play all possible patterns in a scale

No.12980 anime
Did you know that Jeff Healey was born and raised in Toronto? He was a blind guitar player who had a unique playing style and had a role in the movie Roadhouse. Such a sad life. He was adopted, lost his eyes at age 1 and died of cancer around his 50s.

No.12979 technology
>>12978 I want Felix :( PHP is the most logical language to use for a website though, for everything else no.

No.12978 technology
>>12913 also >php

No.12977 technology
>>12911 >>12913 That just prints all numbers abcde such as a<b<c<d<e. Are what musicians call permutations different that the rest?

No.12976 random
>>12967 It's a defense mechanism against pedos

No.12975 random
>>12973 k

No.12974 random
lol fag

No.12973 random
fags, you may not know I exist but we have mutual friends and he told me about this website, I want to confess my love for you. I am too afraid to tell you in person, but I want you madly. Love always, Your secret admirer. <3

No.12972 random
>>12970 https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=459

No.12971 random

No.12969 random
>>12968 I would never buy anything from Apple so no.

No.12968 random
Did you break an apple?

No.12967 random
11 year olds have more STDs than their age these days

No.12966 random
I kinda wish things were like the old days when you could find many sweet, pure, virgin girls who would actually respect you.

No.12965 feels
>>12963 Habe you bean browsing ses4s too much

No.12964 feels
I'm a bit scare right now

No.12963 feels
nevr fprget

No.12962 random
Take off your panties and engage your destiny.

No.12961 random
I'm getting the impression that /r9k/ spread its hate for women to the entirety of 4chan and now it's propagating through the whole internet. I even heard commercial songs hinting about it. Through social media the majority of men are realising that they've been used by women all this time. All their tricks have been unmasked and I think they are losing their power. Sure, there will always be desperate betas willing to mantain a roastie, but many are starting to say no, leaving those cunts alone. A man can easily survive on himself. His success in life doesn't depend solely on his looks, and he is smarter and stronger than women. What can a lonely 30yo women do in life? Nothing. Soon we will see thousands of these cunts begging for salvation, but they will never admit their mistakes, because they are cunts

No.12960 random
I want to have you+

No.12959 random

No.12958 random
I love you!

No.12957 random
You're an idiot lol is you.

No.12956 random
>>12955 Dubs

No.12955 random
What the fuck is this thread.

No.12954 random
Class 2018 swallows

No.12953 random
I love you. With my dick and my mind. I hope you like to swallow.

No.12952 random
If you launch your website give me an invite. If you need help, let me know. I'm tired of your tampons. I'm in it to be with you. Terms may apply.

No.12951 random
I love you retard. Nice longface. If you really want me to love myself. Love me.

No.12950 meta
Real talk guys, what the fuck are we doing here? It's been a year and this place is going nowhere. I've been thinking about shutting it down or just making it a textboard

No.12949 music
B& for mobile posting

No.12948 television
>posting in /television lole

No.12947 music
>>12946 Should not have watched

No.12946 music
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGQMvWjD8rA Do not watch if you have the feels

No.12945 meta
Just make it a textboard already.

No.12944 television
Can you recommend me some good 80's movies?

No.12943 meta
>>12941 Yo the counter says we make more than 76 unique visits a day

No.12942 meta
>>12941 That's the joke

No.12941 meta
6 people/week?

No.12940 meta
>what the fuck are we doing here? kevposting >It's been a year and this place is going nowhere. It has been 13.8 Gyr of expanding to nowhere >shutting it down as long as more than 2 people hang here there is no reason to >making it a textboard imageboards > textboards

No.12939 meta
we will be shutting down temporarily due to our servers being unable to handle the large volume of traffic we've been experiencing lately. Thank you for your understanding

No.12938 anime
Rem is the only girl for me

No.12937 development
>>12936 Well I've found you do need imperfections to make your brain believe it's real, perfection looks artificial and fake and so breaks the suspension of disbelief but I'd still rather design her exactly how I want, then she could actually be mine and nobody else's.

No.12936 development
Perfection is boring and unnatural. Sometimes you like a girl because she has something different from others, little imperfections

No.12935 anime
>>12931 >>12933 Fugly compared to Felix

No.12934 development
>>12932 >load high definition 3D scans of pornstars >I'm talking about real girls, not simple 3d models Nah man, most porn stars are ugly and this is just a limitation. I'm much more in favour of designing and modeling my own perfect girl from scratch.

No.12933 anime
>>12931 Exactly the reason

No.12932 development
Ok here's the idea. A software where you can load high definition 3D scans of pornstars and play with them. You can make them say things with their own voice and use virtual reality to """interact""" with them. I'm sure something similar already exists but I'm talking about real girls, not simple 3d models

No.12931 anime

No.12930 anime
>>12918 >not downloading 1080p FLAC BDRips

No.12929 anime
Really though I love this anime already. You'll understand why

No.12928 anime
>>12927 Nice, I love me some crippling depression

No.12927 anime
You'll come fpr the fag, but stay fpr the crippling depression

No.12926 anime
>>12925 I'm planning to watch it just because Felix tbh.

No.12925 anime
It's actually really good. Only on ep.8 and it already makes me want to die. I didn't expect this anime to be so good so early on either

No.12924 anime
>>12923 I haven't seen the anime myself, apparently he shows up in ep12.

No.12923 anime
Only on ep. 7 I didn't even know Felix was from this anime

No.12922 anime

No.12921 anime
>>12918 Have you tried watchcartoononline? Also, watching re:zero and it's giving me metaphorical blue balls

No.12920 technology
>>12919 Her face already makes me angry anyway.

No.12919 technology
>tfw you realise that Emma Watson is today's Ally Sheedy and she will get as ugly as her one day

No.12918 anime
>>12888 WTF I can't find a single website to watch K-On anymore. Seriously globalists?

No.12917 random
Maybe. Having a gf is a pain in the ass. All they do is talk about useless stuff like their friends, how fat they are and make up

No.12916 random
ohh aint you glad you're single?

No.12915 anime
It's not bad. Feel like im being judged if I look at anyone who isnt white so basically I try not to look at anyone since almost nobody is white here. Other than that and me not being able to find my favourite wine, it's nice

No.12914 technology
Also no double digits and no numbers containing the same digits

No.12913 technology
for($x = 1; $x < 100000000; $x++) { $y = (string) $x; if (strpos($y, '0') !== false || strpos($y, '9') !== false) { } else { $len = strlen($y); $printOk = 1; for($i = 0; $i < $len - 1; $i++) { if ($y[$i] >= $y[$i+1]) $printOk = 0; } if ($printOk) { echo $y; echo ' '; } } }

No.12912 technology
>>12911 Post code

No.12911 technology
This pothead contacted me because they told him I'm "good at math". He needed all permutations of numbers from 1 to 8 up to 5 digits to teach music to his students. I wrote like 9 lines of code and now he thinks I'm some kind of master of hacking. Normies are so retarded it's cute


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