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No.15025 cyberpunk
>>15024 i found this http://lynxhub.com/76chan/res/13.html

No.15024 cyberpunk
>>15023 somethings not right will register in a few mins files arent really that important except for pr0n folder (just some relegious stuff idk why) >>14600 where the fuck did you find this

No.15023 cyberpunk
>>15020 hold on guys 99% complete will check after download completes

No.15022 cyberpunk
Well, registered accounts work as tripcodes in a way. And your text wasn't red because the meme arrow must be at the beginning of the line. I think it works in the same way on 4chan

No.15021 cyberpunk
>>15016 >the Yiff.party

No.15020 cyberpunk
>>15018 >also why are tripcodes broken here Tripcodes are not broken, they are not a feature of this site. Kev made this site from scratch for fun its not just another instance of vichan or some shit. >>15019 >also why is your text not red Ask Kev, there is a lot of stuff broken here lol. Anyway you didn't answer my question, whats even in the torrent? A game and a bunch of wallpapers?

No.15019 cyberpunk
>>15017 forgot to add this i forgot to censor the pic sorry about that also why is your text not red >>using windows

No.15018 cyberpunk
>>15017 say hello to my little friend meet Mr Vbox also why are tripcodes broken here

No.15017 cyberpunk
>>15016 The fuck is this shit? Also >Using Windows

No.15016 cyberpunk
>>14610 nearly done my niggas pic related

No.15015 feels
>>15014 Fuck that was exactly a year ago... :/

No.15014 feels
>>15013 I see >>11448

No.15013 feels
>>15012 About a year ago

No.15012 feels
>>15009 When are you planning to put it online?

No.15011 technology
>>15008 It aint really hardcore, it's more lax tbh. The manual dependency tracking/checking is more of a UNIX-pholosopy-thingy-whatev if I remember correctly. Most dependencies are laid out for you in a list so it's easy to follow. It's really like that "subgenius" thing the Church of the Subgenius with the slack thingy.

No.15010 feels
Wanna put arms round her middle and hold her tight <3

No.15009 feels
>>15006 Also you're lucky this is 4kev and not my site since insulting Queen Ari is a bannable offense on my site.

No.15008 technology
>>15005 How is using Slackware? I found its super easy to install and comes with lots of stuff so is a lot less 'hardcore' than Gentoo at the beginning but using it is much more involved since you have to manage your own dependencies right? So it ends up being the most hardcore distro to actually use?

No.15007 feels
>>15006 >Step your waifu up Cannot step up from the best m8. Loved her since 2013.

No.15006 feels
Step your waifu up. But don't pick Alita. She's mine

No.15005 technology
>>14999 >gentoo >AND trips More based Colour and theme look lovely as well

No.15004 feels
>>15002 Now I get to see her in person twice!!!!

No.15003 feels
>>15002 They broke up months ago...

No.15002 feels
>>15001 Unbanned >>15000 Don't be an asshole c'mon. Also, she's engaged to a jew lol

No.15001 feels
who de fuk is this

No.15000 feels

No.14999 technology
Contributin' I can't decide on a wallpaper atm. Sorry I haven't updated kernel in a while.

No.14998 technology
>>14996 >slackware fuckin based

No.14997 music
MORE ARI: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zh4J-yW3LHw Tour starts on 18th! Btw I bought another ticket and I'm now going to see her live twice!

No.14995 technology
>>14992 England. It's only because of certain clubs/societies on campus constantly making a fuss. I really hope we can have a future like that in at least some states/countries. That's be rad af.

No.14994 television
This movie was interesting. It talks about dna manipulation and a 'brave new world' society where the genetically superior individuals rule the world. It raises some ethical questions

No.14993 technology
>>14992 So you're saying we're gonna become the mutants that live in the sewers and eat rat burgers? Tubular!

No.14992 technology
>There's almost no free speech at our university What country is this? >>14991 I think there is little hope for society as a whole, you should surround yourself with some like-minded people that you can talk openly and freely with. As the major websites go more to shit people like us will naturally migrate to sites like this one, lainchan etc. Personally I'm working hard on my own site for my friends to use to communicate and am putting a heavy focus on privacy and security. Luckily there are people who do care and make good tools for us, esp. those who work on giving us good encryption like Let's Encrypt, GPG etc. and all who write Free Software, GNU/Linux, the BSDs and people at Purism working on the Librem 5 phone etc. I envision a kind of cyberpunk future were people like us will become more and more private and move underground as society in general moves further away from our ideals.

No.14991 technology
>>14990 Oh, right And I remember that dude. There's almost no free speech at our university and it drives everyone up the wall. I really hope things turn around soon dude. Holy shet.

No.14990 technology
>>14989 I think it will happen, esp. now with brexit the UK government will not have to answer to the EU and can do as it pleases. Cameron was the one that started talking about it and he is gone but his party is still in power I Theresa May wants to ban encrypted communication too. The UK has been fucked for a while now, they are getting worse and worse for survillance and shit too, the UK's GCHQ is the same shit as the NSA and they help each other with survillance (five eyes), also in terms of free speech, remember this shit?: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/03/20/youtube-user-convicted-hate-crime-pet-dogs-nazi-salutes/

No.14989 technology
>>14988 The UK would rue the day they ever decided to ban encrypting devices. I'd move back to NY if shit like that starts getting passed in Parliament. IHMAHHJINN MOY SHOWCK

No.14988 technology
>>14986 Some countries are trying to paint encryption as something that 'enables the terrorists to communicate' or whatever and wanna ban it. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Encryption_ban_proposal_in_the_United_Kingdom https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-46463029

No.14987 random
Hello fellow lolicons, neets, hikikomoris, and overall losers. Come over to 3chan.co, a website that isn't filled with namefags.

No.14986 technology
>>14916 am i out of the loop with encryption? what's the deal with that then tbh

No.14985 technology
>>14921 rooted nook color from 2012 is the ultimate platform

No.14984 random
>>14981 https://spacechan.xyz/b/ also works >>14982 Yes we do actually.

No.14983 random
Banned users can still log in. Are you sure you're the real Ceil?🤔

No.14982 random
Does spacechan have femanons? I'll join

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No.14980 random
I can't log on either says I'm ban

No.14979 random
Greetings from Spacechan.xyz! Come join the shitposting fun. http://spacechan.xyz/b/

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>>14972 Alright so I checked and everything seems fine. Maybe your browser overwrote your user password with the "secret" password. Try typing it manually and you should be gucci

No.14977 random
Do seqal injection

No.14976 random
I'm not in an existential crisis anymore. I used to obsess over the meaning of life and God and stuff. I just don't have the means to find the answers, if there's any. These days I just try to stay positive and have a fullfilling everyday life.

No.14975 random
Anyway we missed you man, how are you doing?

No.14974 random
I will check the database later, I don't recall deleting your account but you can try making a new one using the same email

No.14973 random
Try password

No.14972 random
can't log in lmao

No.14971 meta
I guess this is kind of late but thank you and please don't expect a lot from me, I just get some urges to express my thoughts (however retarded they may seem to my future self) from time to time.

No.14970 random
Live to me is decisions that lead to greatness.

No.14969 random
>>14962 What is life for you, anon? A set of incomprehensible concepts in philosophy, everyday problems, happy moments or all at once? However, none of this carries any value for a random person. Reflection is a useless exercise. But if sometimes you want to do this, then come to us, here you will listen and understand.

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I dunno

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>>14966 How?

No.14966 random
>>14964 Prove it.

No.14965 random
De fanny 😘

No.14964 random
>>14963 I DO CUNT.

No.14963 random
I don't think anyone seriously cares about free speech at this point.

No.14962 random
>>14928 He's too depressed.

No.14960 random
Yeah akward sex talk

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>we have serious discussions sometimes

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No.14957 random
That bastart

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>>14955 Kev loves censorship.

No.14955 random
Can you stop censorship


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