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>>13676 That's impossible. If you've been in a car or a store with a radio then you've heard her, you just may not have known it.

No.13677 random
First days are pretty awesome. Stay ahead and it's pretty easy. Study for yourself not for your grades. Yup. C student here. Good luck freshman.

No.13676 music
Not once heard her sing :)

No.13675 music
>>13667 I know :(

No.13674 random
I guess that bee only eats and sleeps. Why it's looks like that rofl. I've never seen a bee like that if it's a bee. If true. It's exiled?

No.13673 random
Not medicine sorry but medical theater. :P

No.13672 random
So I guess medicine came from gladiators. I had a history lesson lol.

No.13671 random
>300$ To show it's going to cost another 3,000. >Here's your tooth.

No.13670 random
Standards you can trust, for the price you can't afford.

No.13669 random
Gonna work on it later on

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No.13667 music
>>13661 weak mind

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No.13665 random
>>13663 nice napple

No.13664 random
Has been pretty good. A little nervous about college starting on monday, don't know what to expect, and don't know anybody. Pic related is how I feel most of the time.

No.13663 random
I've been trying to I'd the bee/fly I took a pic off. And out of 5 I think 3 will produce fruit. Ps. Pinaples <3

No.13662 random
Thanks a friend ;/

No.13661 music
>>13444 >>13660 I still love her :/

No.13660 music
>>13444 unchecked trips

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No.13658 random
>>13636 yo Bee, cactus lad needs you to pollenate his flowers. Are you a bad enough to to help in the fruit production ?

No.13657 random
With a brush yes. I want to see if it gives the fruit on its own first.

No.13656 random
>>13650 try pollinating it cross flower with a swab or something.

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No.13654 meta
Sometimes I wonder if you think of me. ;*

No.13653 music
Welp Pharrell Williams ruined this album.

No.13652 music
>>13651 I swore I wouldn't...

No.13651 music

No.13650 random
Me too. It's weird but flower opens at night and it does t get polinated there is no fruit but I think there will be one.

No.13649 meta

No.13648 meta
Do you guys think Lo b s t e r F a r m e r and Cactus fruit Lad are the same dude?

No.13647 random
>>13645 hoping you show the fruit and a cut open picture when its done before you eat it!

No.13646 design
>>13640 kek

No.13645 random
Takes 2 weeks for fruit to form

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No.13641 meta
Want a perfect example of irony? >a 'cyberpunk' imageboard being a censorship machine.

No.13640 design
New banner

No.13639 meta
>>13638 Having a different opinion is illegal on 4kev.org.

No.13638 meta
Censored again, nice x2.

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Lmaoooo <3 I'm working outside since it's chiller, gonna log off.

No.13634 random
For the first time I see it bloom.

No.13631 random
lil loli pantsu

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No.13629 random
Yeh take meh off cooldown when I post lol

No.13627 random
10 minute cooldown to make a new post :))

No.13626 feels
Yeah i sit at the gym for 3 hours

No.13625 feels
Spend more time at the gym.

No.13624 feels
You're in bad company.

No.13623 feels
I am a broken man.

No.13618 random
How did he get in there? And in which context was the photo taken? And how can he be so smug?

No.13616 feels
>>13613 No

No.13615 random
>>13606 >>13610 I almost died laughing when I saw it on Plebbit hence why I needed to share here.

No.13614 random
>>13609 I mean when you reply to a post in a different thread the reply is not in the list of replies on the post. Do it whatever way you want. I'm doing diff things on my site I'm not gonna tell you you should do the exact same as me. I shouldn't have said JSON, its an xhr request which is usually for sending/receiving JSON data but I see now you are using it to fetch html but my point is still valid. I don't do it this way but I shouldn't tell you not to do it.

No.13613 feels
Can we see her?

No.13612 random
>>13581 When I look around me IRL all I see is right wing voters. Literally everyone wants to kick out the immigrants no matter what. The only leftists left are the potheads and some kids. I think that this libtard thing only happens on the internet where a few individuals get very loud. The entire world is right wing right now

No.13610 random
Same lol

No.13609 random
>>13603 What do you mean there's no proper referencing across boards? When you hover on a link from another thread it lets you see it but I can't make it a link to that thread or you would leave the actual page which can be annoying. And what's JSON anyway?

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No.13606 random
>>13583 Made me audibly chuckle

No.13605 random
you really shouldn't have betrayed us kev

No.13604 random
>>13603 cool

No.13603 random
>>13599 This post has no knowledge of my reply at >>13602 4kev does not have proper referencing across boards, only within threads and it does JSON lookups every time.

No.13602 design
>>13599 Test

No.13601 random
>>13597 fosho

No.13600 feels
What a fucking idiot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqSdcvIz4VI

No.13599 random
I'm stuck here in hell. I can't escape :(

No.13598 technology
>>13582 RSS of content requiring authentication is possible. There are two ways. 1. Each member can generate a unique token for their feed. That functions similar to application password other sites use. Then they can access the feed as https://user:token@domain.tld/rss 2. Generate a unique URL for each member, such as a key appended at the end. Then they can access the feed as https://domain.tld/rss/unique-key-here I searched for opinions and according to https://daringfireball.net/2005/02/feed_authentication the later will be easier to be developed.


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