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A Friend 20/05/2018 11:51:01 12963>>12965
File: Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 5.44.31 AM.png (237.62 KB, 821x250)

nevr fprget

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Anonymous 20/05/2018 14:31:35 12964

I'm a bit scare right now

Ceil 20/05/2018 14:50:50 12965

Habe you bean browsing ses4s too much

Traps 15/05/2018 21:03:33 12903

When you order a 12 inch pizza for just yourself...

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Traps 15/05/2018 22:31:31 12906

>Where's the pleasure in binge eating anyway? It makes you feel bloated and guilty

Ghost 16/05/2018 09:12:56 12907

At least it's not a 12 inch dildo

Ceil 16/05/2018 23:14:07 12910

I'd take a 12 inch dildo over any pizza any day

Anonymous 11/05/2018 23:03:38 12885>>12886

I went to this old place tonight to play pool with a friend. The wall is covered with photos of the daughter of the owner who died of cancer like 10 years ago. The guy is just so sad and bored with life. I didn't expect these feels tonight.
I also had a dream about my ex and remembered all the good times we had together. I left her once I discovered stuff about her sexual past but she was a sweet girls and would have never betrayed me.
Maybe I'm just a guy full of hatred fueled by /r9k/ and I shouldn't judge a girl's mistakes so harshly. I made mistakes too when I was young. We just lacked guidance from our parents and were ruined by television. I wish I could fix everything but some things can't be fixed

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Traps 12/05/2018 01:38:32 12886

fucking normie

Anonymous 08/05/2018 22:27:38 12869>>12870

I don't want to die alone.. I'm so sad. Do I deserve this pain? Is it a sick joke? Is there a reason at all? Do I have the right to feel sad. Is my world view completely wrong? I will always be sad right?

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Traps 08/05/2018 23:35:16 12870

Help us create the virtual gf project so none of us will be alone

Traps 30/04/2018 01:50:19 12816>>12819 >>12821

Never fapping again I swear.

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Anonymous 30/04/2018 16:17:22 12825

You just fapped right? That's what I'm saying every time after I fap

Anonymous 04/05/2018 22:05:53 12858>>12861

I'm on day 4 of noFap. Nothing happened so far apart from some vivid dreams.

Anonymous 05/05/2018 21:42:53 12861

>day 4
>vivid dreams
>day 6
>cumming like crazy

Traps 03/05/2018 20:13:45 12847

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wN9fuxw-Dq0 [embed]

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Anonymous 03/05/2018 22:54:13 12848>>12850

I get why people watch these videos but the thought of that whore doing it to get popular makes me sick

Traps 03/05/2018 23:27:48 12850

Don't ruin these for me :(

Anonymous 02/05/2018 10:50:20 12837

>tfw no onee-sama gf
actually driving me mental lads I don't know if I can keep up
real life onee-san is a cunt which doesn't help much desu

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Anonymous 03/05/2018 18:38:06 12846
File: mpv-shot0001.jpg (49.46 KB, 1280x720)

I want Onee-sama's love whip too

Anonymous 28/04/2018 00:01:48 12759>>12760

I will die alone and sad

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Anonymous 29/04/2018 09:37:20 12788

>Teddy Bear
I haven't heard of this one. I'm going to have to look into it. I recently watched Her though.

Anonymous 29/04/2018 09:38:48 12789>>12794

Yeah, I get what you mean. That would be definitely be more optimal of a match. How long do you think it'll be until the AI sexbots become full scale of their perfection?

Traps 29/04/2018 11:35:21 12794

>How long do you think it'll be until the AI sexbots become full scale of their perfection?
It's hard to say esp. compared to other tech because the progress is not as obvious, in other tech its more openly talked about and the work being done is clear. We should probably just look at the progress of AI in general, unfortunately in the area of sexbots we just see some obscure company come out and show something every few years and their AI is usually far behind the current best.

The question is does the AI even matter? I mean if we have a beautiful, perfect CGI rendered character does it matter if she talks or not?

Anonymous 29/04/2018 09:44:37 12791>>12793
File: 1523796753779.png (258.38 KB, 704x396)

What makes you sad and depressed about the state of the internet now days?

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Traps 29/04/2018 10:58:16 12793

I started making a list but it got too long and I realized it's just everything.

Anonymous 24/04/2018 22:07:21 12718>>12720 >>12756
File: 1521492773265.gif (247.49 KB, 512x384)

My dad disowned me and doesn't want anything to do with me anymore. He already went over half of my life without being a part of it and only came back in for about a year. Now disowns me because I'm not living my life up to his standards. Looks like soon I won't have any family left.

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Anonymous 25/04/2018 20:50:22 12727>>12738

A boy who wears make up is indeed a faggot, but his father should only blame himself and the way he raised his son. Fathers should be an example for their sons but they often end up being absent or violent. What can I say, life sucks

Anonymous 26/04/2018 02:44:57 12738

>life sucks

Ceil 27/04/2018 15:37:59 12756

fuck him in the ass. That'll show him

Anonymous 27/04/2018 05:58:15 12753>>12755
File: e2b1a6803b0bf366a877f162aa3b3e743d2668dfa07f4647b9160b1a40313c13.gif (0.52 KB, 100x100)

>>tfwyou remeber gays exist

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Traps 27/04/2018 08:47:25 12755

Yes and?

Traps 20/04/2018 00:04:57 12671>>12674

I'm so fucking tired of the fap cycle.

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Traps 22/04/2018 20:30:02 12697>>12704

I've been trying nofap for so long now, I never make it past day 6.

Anonymous 23/04/2018 20:43:30 12704

So are you telling me to fap in moderation? Go from 2-3 times a day to 2-3 times a week?

Yeah, it doesn't work for me either. I've never made it past day 5.

Anonymous 25/04/2018 21:05:37 12732

I only do nofap when I wanna get with a girl. Normally I fap once a day but sometimes it's two. It's been like this for years..

Traps 08/04/2018 22:49:32 12477>>12506 >>12658 >>12669
File: DSC-0002.jpg (134.16 KB, 1104x900)

I'm ready to become who I've always wanted to be.

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Anonymous 19/04/2018 23:57:02 12669>>12670

A productive and respected member of society?

Traps 20/04/2018 00:04:03 12670>>12673

ew no fuck society

Anonymous 20/04/2018 04:30:07 12673

Society is cancer. I say fuck society in it's ass.

Anonymous 19/04/2018 15:59:24 12656
File: 1514156363524.png (324.24 KB, 796x712)

I'm sick again, the weather here is ruining my health.

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Anonymous 19/04/2018 23:31:13 12668>>12672

Maybe you should eat healthier and wear things that keep you warm

Anonymous 20/04/2018 04:29:13 12672

I do need to work on my diet. But I already mostly sit around always wearing a hoodie.

Confessions Thread Traps 02/04/2018 00:58:22 12268>>12274 >>12657

I always sit down to pee.

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kev 04/04/2018 23:56:06 12374
Url: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/s4s/images/3/39/1355739283325.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20130609064713


Anonymous 19/04/2018 16:01:49 12657>>12662

I always do except for when I'm in public. And I completely agree with your reasoning it's very similar to why I do it. Plus I also have to use toilet paper so I don't "dribble" in my pants. It's very annoying.

I have to admit I've also pissed in sinks before. Mostly if there's no one else in the bathroom or it's a single bathroom in pubic.

Traps 19/04/2018 19:00:43 12662

>Plus I also have to use toilet paper so I don't "dribble" in my pants.
I do the exact same thing :)