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Official 4kev Security Thread Traps 17/02/2018 15:17:47 10548 >>10666
File: hacker-1944688_1280.jpg (360.53 KB, 1280x853)

Report vulnerabilities here.


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kev 22/02/2018 23:02:08 10702>>10706

Your simple trick solved the mistery. Thanks Ghost, you truly are my greatest ally.

I used die() a couple of times before but I don't really get it.
Shouldn't the script stop once the user gets redirected?

Anonymous 23/02/2018 09:59:28 10706>>10708

You don't redirect the execution of the script, you just set a header to tell the browser to request another page.

kev 23/02/2018 11:13:29 10708

Oh I see now. Thanks mate

Anonymous 15/05/2018 04:13:43 12898>>12899

Real talk guys, what the fuck are we doing here? It's been a year and this place is going nowhere. I've been thinking about shutting it down or just making it a textboard

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Anonymous 19/05/2018 11:50:22 12940

>what the fuck are we doing here?
>It's been a year and this place is going nowhere.
It has been 13.8 Gyr of expanding to nowhere
>shutting it down
as long as more than 2 people hang here there is no reason to
>making it a textboard
imageboards > textboards

Anonymous 19/05/2018 16:30:05 12945

Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!

Just make it a textboard already.

A Friend 19/05/2018 23:30:29 12950

Real talk guys, what the fuck are we doing here? It's been a year and this place is going nowhere. I've been thinking about shutting it down or just making it a textboard

Ceil 19/05/2018 03:51:27 12939
Url: https://www.imobdevtech.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/How-to-get-traffic-to-your-website-fast-High-traffic-website-ideas.jpg

Your fortune: Bad Luck

we will be shutting down temporarily due to our servers being unable to handle the large volume of traffic we've been experiencing lately. Thank you for your understanding

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Anonymous 19/05/2018 11:52:20 12941>>12942 >>12943

6 people/week?

Ceil 19/05/2018 13:30:11 12942

That's the joke

Anonymous 19/05/2018 16:06:27 12943

Yo the counter says we make more than 76 unique visits a day

Traps 15/05/2018 20:20:02 12900

Why did you decide to have user accounts and then not do anything fun or interesting with them?

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Anonymous 15/05/2018 20:55:51 12902

There are many advantages:
>secret Vip board
>no one can steal your name
>nice logo next to your name
>can be mod
the list goes on

Traps 10/05/2018 21:51:14 12878

4kev: the home of censorship

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Anonymous 11/05/2018 07:04:30 12883

The absolute state of Ontropy

Traps 11/05/2018 08:49:49 12884

47 threads actually

Traps 12/05/2018 01:39:36 12887

I should just fucking ban anyone who is not a virgin or has been in a relationship from my site. They just won't understand.

A Friend 29/04/2018 22:48:28 12809>>12810

Who else think TRAPSneeds to cut back on the degeneracy and respect Catholicism and stop talking about wanting and dongs.

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Anonymous 30/04/2018 17:06:42 12827>>12828 >>12829

what if they accidentally delete all the uploaded content?

Traps 30/04/2018 19:14:16 12828

Can't happen m8 :^)

Traps 30/04/2018 19:14:31 12829

Also >accidentally

Usernames Traps 04/04/2018 20:51:48 12354

So we all know that nobody uses their real names on here (even though most of us know each other's real identities and its pretty damn easy to find out). How I chose mine is obvious but how did you pick yours?

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Traps 18/04/2018 23:04:09 12644>>12768

I was actually going to give portage as an example of something I use that I wish wasn't written in fucking Python. Portage should have been written in C, there was no excuse for this shit.

Anonymous 28/04/2018 08:36:53 12768
File: Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 2.36.34 AM.png (7.6 KB, 56x10)


Anonymous 29/04/2018 17:21:35 12797
File: 1519008046842.jpg (8.64 KB, 223x226)

I really like this picture of spiderman so now I post with it here

not exposing myself at all

Traps 18/04/2018 19:19:34 12641

Why is ☯️ the symbol of 4kev anyway?

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kev 18/04/2018 22:00:33 12642

I dunno.. I always liked it and I have it tattooed on my arm. It's an oriental symbol, I'm a weeb and the website needed a logo

A Friend 17/04/2018 07:54:36 12616
File: Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 1.53.59 AM.png (10.96 KB, 357x47)


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A Friend 18/04/2018 09:09:07 12631>>12638
File: Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 3.08.41 AM.png (11.21 KB, 404x43)


Traps 18/04/2018 18:56:11 12638


Traps 10/04/2018 20:11:57 12514
File: oh shit.png (34.12 KB, 1107x249)

oh fuck kev's gonna have me locked up

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kev 10/04/2018 21:35:00 12515>>12516


Traps 10/04/2018 21:38:43 12516

u log muh ip address when i haxx0r d site

kev 12/04/2018 21:38:12 12538

It's a way to keep track of what mods do. You can't do anything with someone's IP anyway

A Friend 12/04/2018 04:37:08 12533
File: 1399895911101.gif (51.4 KB, 323x371)

this is nice chan

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Traps 13/03/2018 09:00:20 11448>>11450 >>11476 >>12444

Okay so my site is not finished yet but I'm scared 4kev will disappear before it is so making this post now so 4kev users can access it if 4kev dies. The site will be up at https://www.ontropy.org. Account creation will be invite-only at the start so here are some invite keys for 4kev users to use. Please be considerate and only take 1 key. Keep trying keys below until you get one that's not taken. I think 10 should be enough for everyone here to get one. Again its not ready yet, this post is just preparing for the possible end of 4kev.


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Traps 08/04/2018 22:10:10 12476>>12478


kev 08/04/2018 23:52:55 12478>>12479

Good luck my friend

Traps 08/04/2018 23:55:19 12479

Thanks, time will be a bit wrong for people since it's done in JavaScript so will be skewed depending on your system's time settings and timezone

Traps 04/04/2018 23:57:26 12375

What's the difference between 'Delete Post' and 'Delete Spam'?

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Catalog Anonymous 03/04/2018 04:25:41 12294
File: 1503163696918.jpg (42.38 KB, 932x858)

Fix the fucking catalog, none of the pretty pictures show up!!! Also please shill this place more my sharethread has gone nowhere lel.

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Traps 04/04/2018 00:15:38 12328

I feel the same only even more paranoid.

Anonymous 04/04/2018 01:36:29 12335>>12373

I put in a good word for you guys with a guy who's making an overchan of sorts. Also don't do that scheme of registering to post pics.

kev 04/04/2018 23:53:48 12373

Thanks a lot man, that's really helpful.
And don't worry, I would do that only if necessary

Traps 02/04/2018 00:10:21 12250>>12253
File: Screenshot_20180401_230855.png (556.34 KB, 614x496)

nice place

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Traps 02/04/2018 00:49:09 12261

Was this about you?

Traps 02/04/2018 00:49:59 12262>>12297

What happens if I call this?

kev 03/04/2018 13:41:49 12297

Nothing, I don't have that sim anymore