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Anonymous 10/08/2018 11:42:54 13578>>13582
File: rss.jpg (6.41 KB, 186x186)

>RSS is a type of web feed which allows users to access updates to
online content in a standardized, computer-readable format. These feeds
can, for example, allow a user to keep track of many different websites
in a single news aggregator.

A site doesn't have a feed (e.g. 4kev)?
Use https://politepol.com or a similar tool.
4kev feed: https://politepol.com/feed/21856

RSS readers:
-- Extensions
* Emacs + Elfeed
* Vim + Vnews (req: Ruby)
-- Standalone
* TermFeed (CLI, Python)
* Snownews (TUI, C)
* Newsboat (TUI, C++)
* Liferea (GUI, C/GTK)
* RSSOwl (GUI, Java)
* rawdog (web, Python)
* Miniflux (web, Go)
-- Online (req acc)
* TheOldReader
* Feeder
* Feedly
* NewsBlur

Alternatively you can use Gwene Perl-suite for converting RSS to NNTP,
so you can use your newsreader.
4kev news: nntp://news.gwene.org/gwene.com.4kev

Are you still using RSS feeds?
If not, what have you replaced them with?
>inb4 NNTP

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Anonymous 10/08/2018 12:22:05 13579

Long list of tech/prog/cs-related feeds:

Traps 10/08/2018 19:31:05 13582>>13598

Nice high quality thread here!
That reminds me I meant to add RSS to my site for threads although its of limited use as you need to be logged in to see threads.

Anonymous 11/08/2018 20:47:32 13598

RSS of content requiring authentication is possible.
There are two ways.
1. Each member can generate a unique token for their feed.
That functions similar to application password other sites use.
Then they can access the feed as
2. Generate a unique URL for each member, such as a key appended at the end.
Then they can access the feed as
I searched for opinions and according to
the later will be easier to be developed.

Anonymous 24/03/2018 21:58:32 11740>>11741 >>11746 >>11763 >>13398
File: bpuJeeV (1).jpg (36.86 KB, 600x315)

I'm wanting to learn more about computers and things to do with technology(such as programming but a little more). I already know the basics, such as how to put together a computer, but I'm looking for more but I don't know where to start or even what to look for. Any ideas?

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Anonymous 25/03/2018 05:51:23 11763

fag != wizard

kev 25/03/2018 23:09:05 11775
Url: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51TGEPRTDNL._SX377_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg

Study C. It's gonna be hard at the beginning but it teaches you everything about programming.
Once you know it, every other language will be a joke

mr g man mister g mn sir g sir man 04/07/2018 08:23:42 13398

>all the manuals

Anonymous 01/07/2018 08:13:12 13354
File: George_Lamberis_instagram.com_BM8EBjPD-Np.webm (2.04 MB, x)

Hmm. New potential employer.

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Anonymous 01/07/2018 16:09:57 13360

Not a bad company.they can also help with good exposure.

Anonymous 02/07/2018 00:07:30 13362>>13363

What am I looking at?

Anonymous 02/07/2018 01:17:14 13363

They do shows. So anything to do with shows. They are trying to hire me but iduno yet ha.

Anonymous 19/06/2018 06:34:29 13244
File: solution-manual-to-basic-and-engineering-thermodynamics-by-p-k-nag-4th-edition-9-638.jpg (85.45 KB, 638x826)

Ebook is 120 bax for the handbook I need. Pdf is non-existent.

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Anonymous 19/06/2018 07:38:11 13248

I basically need to estimate power usage for every killowatt. My biggest guess is that induction furnaces are rather efficient due to magnetic forces that heat up metal.

Anonymous 19/06/2018 07:42:31 13249

It's okay. I'll just search online for data. I found some fishy websites but I'm not feeling it to download.

Anonymous 20/06/2018 04:35:09 13257



Traps 09/06/2018 21:11:01 13163>>13169 >>13170
File: why.jpg (13.11 KB, 200x243)

>Finally finish PC build
>Won't POST

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Traps 10/06/2018 14:38:22 13169


Traps 10/06/2018 14:38:46 13170

Nevermind, was just an issue with the video out :D

Anonymous 17/05/2018 00:12:46 12911>>12912 >>12977

This pothead contacted me because they told him I'm "good at math". He needed all permutations of numbers from 1 to 8 up to 5 digits to teach music to his students. I wrote like 9 lines of code and now he thinks I'm some kind of master of hacking. Normies are so retarded it's cute

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Anonymous 22/05/2018 10:38:35 12978>>12979
File: ferris_wants_you_to_her_side.png (1.43 MB, 1000x1502)


Traps 22/05/2018 18:52:20 12979

I want Felix :(

PHP is the most logical language to use for a website though, for everything else no.

Anonymous 22/05/2018 22:07:23 12981

I don't know exactly why he needed this. I think it's to play all possible patterns in a scale

Anonymous 15/05/2018 20:53:56 12901
File: mac.png (778.09 KB, 1355x560)

Apparently they used Macs to build N°5 in the movie Short Circuit

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Anonymous 15/05/2018 21:52:52 12904
Url: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/the-mystery-case-files/images/9/90/Short-Circuit-Ally-Sheedy.png/revision/latest?cb=20150322190830

Ally Sheedy was such a cutie in that movie

Anonymous 18/05/2018 00:03:15 12919>>12920
Url: http://dodskypict.com/D/Emma-Watson-Black-And-White-Wallpaper-On-Wallpaper-Hd-19-750x900.jpg

>tfw you realise that Emma Watson is today's Ally Sheedy and she will get as ugly as her one day

Traps 18/05/2018 00:20:44 12920

Her face already makes me angry anyway.

Anonymous 04/05/2018 01:53:26 12851

Hey. Anyone with basic tech knowledge. What do you think about refurbishing ssds?

I see 100 backs in profits

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Anonymous 04/05/2018 02:04:08 12852


Anonymous 30/04/2018 02:34:13 12817

For them n900 fans


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Anonymous 30/04/2018 02:34:58 12818

Fuck shit fuck sorry


Anonymous 30/04/2018 12:14:04 12822

Don't know what second link is about, but I found the first one interesting

Anonymous 30/04/2018 16:23:53 12826


Omega 07/03/2018 04:40:17 11338
File: neofetch-2018-03-06-09-37-24.png (689.53 KB, 1366x768)

Desktop thread!

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Anonymous 16/04/2018 21:38:21 12606

Why have taskbar on bottom? You're wasting display space.

Anonymous 16/04/2018 21:39:55 12607>>12649

I'm usually making a folder named "Stuff" and drop everything in there. (Or you can just hide them I guess.)

Anonymous 19/04/2018 15:45:49 12649

That's what I usually do as well.

kev 01/04/2018 21:09:35 12202>>12207 >>12263
File: 1522609648685898404294.jpg (3.14 MB, 3120x4160)

Found these in a drawer. What should I do with them?
I'll check if they work and let you know

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Traps 01/04/2018 21:22:42 12207

Create a non-shit mobile OS and test it on them.

Traps 02/04/2018 00:53:07 12263

Which one of these will ring if I call +44.7459179396?

Traps 01/04/2018 19:08:35 12185
File: WiFi_Logo.svg.png (32.98 KB, 1200x711)

I fucking hate wireless technology, we should toss it all in the trash. I truly believe it is harmful to humans and we have no fucking idea what it's effects are going to be long-term. On top of this, even if it was 100% safe wires will always be faster and more stable plus most wireless tech is developed in secret by 'alliances' that won't open up the spec to public scrutiny and the whole shit is wrapped up in IP laws and bullshit. Fuck them all to hell.

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kev 01/04/2018 22:56:39 12222>>12241

Wires are faster but wifi is more practical and not slow at all.
I don't know if it's harmful to humans but it would be dumb to hold back a technology for 50 years just to see if it has long term effects.
By the time we will see the first cases of brain tumor we will probably be able to cure them

Anonymous 01/04/2018 23:32:41 12232

>ywn live in a cyberpunk world where you have to literally jack in

kev 01/04/2018 23:45:24 12241

Feel free to check these quads

Iqos review kev 31/03/2018 22:11:29 12125>>12127
Url: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41dhIScbyCL._SX355_.jpg

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ikbskn9gdeA [embed]

My father gave me this. It basically heats tobacco instead of burning it reducing health risks. The flavor is quite nice I have to say.
I only smoke it at home because I don't wanna break it and it's unpractical to use while driving.
It's expensive too, but not more than some e-cigarettes.
I used to have one with liquid but it didn't go well with coffee which is fundamental.
The good thing about e-liquids is that they're cheaper and can have different to no levels of nicotine.
What I like about Iqos is the design and the cigarette-like experience. Would recommend

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Ceil 01/04/2018 19:46:42 12190>>12195

idk why I wrote fag gf. I think I meant fag but I was extremely drunk but yes. that would be wonderful. sign me up

Anonymous 01/04/2018 19:53:10 12195>>12196

>idk why I wrote fag gf
Freudian slip.

Ceil 01/04/2018 19:54:45 12196

it's because t r a p s got filtered to fags

Anonymous 30/03/2018 03:49:21 12016>>12017
File: IMG_20180329_184839222.jpg (1.85 MB, 2448x3264)

Was productive.

It's a foam cutter.

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Anonymous 30/03/2018 04:53:57 12019

It hasn't worked yet :)

Anonymous 30/03/2018 04:59:42 12022
File: the hurt.jpg (197.92 KB, 1536x2048)

Anonymous 30/03/2018 05:08:26 12024

I only hurt myself once or twice a day. Thrice is pushing it.

Anonymous 29/03/2018 04:10:13 11954

What's your opinion of Adnausem? Is it a nothing-burger or is it worth using? Personally I'm using it and I see no differences between it and uBO.

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Anonymous 29/03/2018 05:04:01 11957

I use it. It works on SeaMonkey. I don't think the clicker thing does much to hurt advertisers unless everyone uses it. Other than that it's kind of interesting to see the ads you've encountered.