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Anonymous 22/01/2019 10:26:51 14687>>14691

You probably heard that the K will ask for ID to access certain sites, like porn and 4chan. I think that's good since it protects the kids. But I was also wondering, is there a way to create a new anonimous internet? Like an encrypted software that uses a language different from html

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Anonymous 22/01/2019 22:01:28 14694>>14695

Not bait every mobile hardware is unique and with Google you can have one legitimate app per phone

Shark 22/01/2019 23:03:28 14695

Kev this is why I made my site invite only, to keep out people like >>14694

Anonymous 23/01/2019 08:51:42 14696

Yaeh well it should keep you out 🌝

kev 29/11/2018 23:02:28 14274
File: emule-el-mejor-programa-de-descargas-p2p.jpg (11.92 KB, 425x302)

I found out the other day that eMule is still used in 2018. It was the only way I had to find shit from 2010.
The search option is something that Bittorrent should have too

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Anonymous 23/11/2018 19:24:13 14208

>coworker is using computer
>presses ctrl alt tab to change tab
>I told him before that pressing ctrl is unnecessary
>he keeps doing it
>they all keep doing it
>they think they deserve a promotion

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Anonymous 27/11/2018 18:52:17 14221

Ctrl+tab --> different tab
Alt+tab --> different programme
how do you even keep your job ?

Anonymous 19/10/2018 02:04:31 14098>>14099

#include <iostream>
int main(){std::cout << "hello world";}

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Anonymous 22/10/2018 00:04:54 14108>>14109

name one thing

Shark 22/10/2018 01:20:08 14109>>14110

>name one thing
It's C++

Would you like another?

Anonymous 22/10/2018 03:23:35 14110

fuck you

Anonymous 16/10/2018 19:25:14 14062>>14063 >>14077
File: die.png (7.13 MB, 2044x1688)

I'm learning C++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous 17/10/2018 05:56:26 14080>>14081

Yeah and I'm building the Death Star

Shark 17/10/2018 09:10:28 14081

11/10 quality content, I sure fucking love this website.

Anonymous 17/10/2018 17:53:18 14082

Was that a sarcasm?

Anonymous 16/10/2018 02:19:55 14055

How do I install Linux on a smartphone and what can I do with it?

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Anonymous 07/09/2018 02:38:00 13830
File: index-hero-og.088fb7996b03.jpg (435.28 KB, 1200x630)

Minecraft is really similar to our universe.
It's practically infinite and it expands as you explore it, just like our universe keeps expanding creating new space.
There are atoms which are the blocks, and you can combine them to create new elements, just like chemistry.
And there are "phisics" which rule how water behaves or plants grow.
What if our universe is a semplified version of a higher one?
What if we are just villagers in the game of a kid?
What if the aliens from another dimension are just the players?
You can teleport yorself in games just like they do with UFOs

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Anonymous 12/09/2018 17:06:28 13876
File: 18.09.12-17.58_sel_maim.png (13.96 KB, 290x146)

>It's practically infinite
It has a max volume equal to a cube with edge the Venus' semimajor axis. Which in the grand scale is pretty much nothing.
> What if our universe is a semplified version of a higher one?
>What if we are just villagers in the game of a kid?
>What if the aliens from another dimension are just the players?
We aren't in a game.

Anonymous 12/09/2018 17:08:39 13877>>14032

And the simulation hypothesis is pretty much akin to religion. If you want to speak of aliens making the cosmos, there is NO difference in a God making the cosmos. So if you like the idea maybe you should join a religion.

Anonymous 08/10/2018 11:33:29 14032

dubs of truth

What if we increased the player size until the relative size of the blocks was minuscule like atoms- so cool...

Anonymous 27/09/2018 05:56:32 13934

Let's say that i want to ungoogle myself. What's the best search engine? Best email provider?

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Anonymous 29/09/2018 10:42:38 13948


kev 29/09/2018 19:54:04 13951

That's what they call Photoshop

I tried DDG a while ago. I think I stopped using it because of its stupid name but I'll give it another chance

This Invidio looks promising. Thanks man

Anonymous 29/09/2018 20:26:00 13953

I installed bsd

Anonymous 13/09/2018 06:44:11 13883
Url: https://media.wired.com/photos/5926d71eaf95806129f50cc9/master/pass/Microsoft10.jpg

How do I speed up this nigga? I already uninstalled the antivirus and disabled defender

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Anonymous 21/09/2018 04:50:31 13899

More ram ofc

Anonymous 21/09/2018 15:30:12 13900
File: 1537535488324.png (260.41 KB, 1739x1446)

Anonymous 22/09/2018 03:58:40 13901

Please upload and seed oss with internet drivers looool

Shark 08/09/2018 16:46:57 13836
File: IMG_1309.JPG (168.15 KB, 640x480)

We lost an absolute legend.

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Anonymous 13/09/2018 13:42:46 13886


Shark 13/09/2018 19:16:27 13889

Interactive shells are not as bad, my main hate is towards writing a program once in an interpreted language and it will be interpreted every time it is run instead of compiling it. For shells I think it should be a JIT compiler instead of an interpreter but interactive on-the-fly interpreting of user input is not as bad as interpreted programs.

Anonymous 14/09/2018 04:21:16 13891

Like python :))))

Anonymous 08/09/2018 16:46:55 13835>>13837

Bsd will everything be from source? I don't mind.

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Anonymous 08/09/2018 17:21:17 13839
Url: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQtoI_b3faCguJPPvleX15_btQwfZuFZVu7zK2WjcerK3eaudY_

Javatar *.*

Anonymous 09/09/2018 16:39:32 13844

Debian 9 came with that one environment egh...

Anonymous 11/09/2018 02:57:33 13860
Url: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/romanmysteries/images/3/3c/Titus.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140521213103

Writing their own bios :)

fags 29/08/2018 20:46:05 13740
File: Excited.jpg (2.32 MB, 2560x1920)

So excite.

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Anonymous 01/09/2018 05:25:05 13751

Never had a chance to load it on a USB. Might look into it. It's a really fun 'distro'.

Anonymous 09/09/2018 23:23:52 13856


Anonymous 09/09/2018 23:38:17 13857


Anonymous 07/09/2018 11:45:49 13832>>13833
Url: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-kdP-z5HdXZ8/UWcygZBtAgI/AAAAAAAADSs/fVShj-19nKI/s1600/Torch-Browser.jpg

Chrome was slow so now I use Torch

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Shark 07/09/2018 19:31:40 13833

lmao good one

Anonymous 04/09/2018 19:46:07 13789>>13794
File: Lovedolls.jpg (47.24 KB, 420x323)

Have you bought your sex doll yet?

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Shark 04/09/2018 20:08:29 13794

No :(

Anonymous 05/09/2018 07:19:01 13809
File: Anime Sex Doll.jpg (104.28 KB, 1506x1000)


Anonymous 07/09/2018 02:29:18 13829

A virtual one would feel more real even if it's just a voice with a somple A.I.

Anonymous 21/08/2018 20:55:53 13687


It's the first time i see Apple doing something right in years

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Anonymous 22/08/2018 01:37:34 13688