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Ceil 02/05/2018 15:09:11 12838>>12868
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Your fortune: Better not tell you now

moving to Toronto next week

Anonymous 02/05/2018 19:17:51 12839>>12840


Ceil 02/05/2018 20:17:40 12840

I'm tired of living on a highway where I can't even bike to anything. Also, I can't find a job here

Anonymous 02/05/2018 22:02:19 12841>>12845

Toronto sure has lots of opportunities and good public transportation. Do you have a place to stay and some money?

Anonymous 03/05/2018 12:14:46 12843

From where? You Canadian? Have to apply lol

Anonymous 03/05/2018 13:24:06 12844>>12845

Canada is okay but without a job it sucks there just as much it sucks where ever you are. Suck it up and find a job.

My company just laid off few people. I'm on the safe spot but they took away my team lol.

Ceil 03/05/2018 17:45:02 12845

I do

eat my ass I hate it here. idc where I work

Shark 08/05/2018 22:25:47 12868

I know of a great tra​p who lives in Toronto.