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Anonymous 11/05/2018 23:03:38 12885>>12886

I went to this old place tonight to play pool with a friend. The wall is covered with photos of the daughter of the owner who died of cancer like 10 years ago. The guy is just so sad and bored with life. I didn't expect these feels tonight.
I also had a dream about my ex and remembered all the good times we had together. I left her once I discovered stuff about her sexual past but she was a sweet girls and would have never betrayed me.
Maybe I'm just a guy full of hatred fueled by /r9k/ and I shouldn't judge a girl's mistakes so harshly. I made mistakes too when I was young. We just lacked guidance from our parents and were ruined by television. I wish I could fix everything but some things can't be fixed

Shark 12/05/2018 01:38:32 12886

fucking normie