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Stupid unfuck.exe 14/02/2019 00:57:46 14821
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I want to become smarter. Do you think it could be possible to connect artificial neurons to the brain to make people smarter?

Anonymous 14/02/2019 05:07:41 14823

Need more memory

Anonymous 14/02/2019 13:45:01 14826

Possible in the future yes. But not now. I think the best thing to do is to transfer all info from the brain to a machine. Flesh is not reliable. We could even space travel for centuries if we were machines

Anonymous 14/02/2019 13:47:03 14827>>14830

The question of course is can a machine be alive? Does consciousness require a biological body? I don't think so. We are just electrons, information. I don't see why we need a biological body

unfuck.exe 14/02/2019 15:31:56 14830>>14840

Indeed a machine can very well be considered alive if it acts like a living being. I think the main problem would be the transition... Do you kill
yourself once the data is transfered to the machine or do you slowly transfer the data to the machine by fusing with it? That's why i'm thinking of first adding small machine components to humans and slowly turn them into a machine by adding more until there is no need for the original brain.

Anonymous 14/02/2019 15:58:41 14831

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kev 15/02/2019 13:50:30 14840>>14842

The transition you suggest is very complex. What exactly do you want to preserve? The soul?
We lose consciousness everytime we sleep yet when we wake up we're still us. You may reply that when we sleep our brain still works, i get that.
The truth is that we won't be able to create living machines until we understand exactly how the brain works and where consciousness comes from.

Anonymous 15/02/2019 16:33:16 14841>>14842

It's understood. What you call conciousness is simply a very complex loop that's rehearsed many many times where learning kicks in and we skip rehearsal trough action.

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I think consciousness is simply the result of the 15/02/2019 16:56:13 14842>>14843


I think consciousness is simply the result of the 15/02/2019 16:56:53 14843>>14844

whoops typed what I wanted to say in the name field

unfuck.exe 15/02/2019 16:57:34 14844>>14845

her's what i tried to say:
I think consciousness is simply the result of the crewation of ego in the brain. for example, we often talk into our head, it\\\'s just a way for the brain to organize data in an efficient manner. Surely it also comes from the fact that we are a very social species.

unfuck.exe 15/02/2019 16:59:22 14845

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Anonymous 15/02/2019 17:11:36 14846

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Anonymous 15/02/2019 17:13:46 14847

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Anonymous 15/02/2019 21:18:24 14853

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