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Happening Thread - Samsung Galaxy S10 & Folding Sm Shark 20/02/2019 19:52:04 14882

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISjiJQGJ72o [embed]

Anonymous 20/02/2019 20:46:52 14883>>14884 >>14889

I like how they put a fingerprint scanner under the screen so there's no more way to escape the glow in the dark niggers.
I also really needed to take better pictures and videos so I can be a slut on instagram AND increase the entropy of the universe.

Shark 20/02/2019 20:51:12 14884

Pretty much sums it up yeah.

Anonymous 21/02/2019 04:31:54 14886

Samsung tech hell yeah

Anonymous 22/02/2019 00:12:53 14889

It's still better than super expensive apple garbage, in that it's super expensive Samsung crap

Anonymous 23/02/2019 01:42:31 14891>>14892

At this point we have no options.
Apple phones are expensive and shitty and you can't use them for shit.
Same for Samsung, but at least you can do more with Samsung, though at the cost of more surveillance.
And then with Android, it's 100% pure, unadulterated Google and CIA glow in the dark shit.

Should we just throw our phones away?

Shark 23/02/2019 01:59:17 14892>>14893 >>14895

I use older Android phones with custom ROMs with all Google shit removed. Its far from perfect and I know it will never be 100% safe and secure but its better than doing nothing I guess.

Shark 23/02/2019 02:00:41 14893>>14896

Even SIM cards can do bad shit to you so even not using smartphones doesn't make you safe. Connecting to a mobile network at all is putting yourself at risk.

Anonymous 23/02/2019 04:34:46 14895>>14899

I have some experience with linux images and partitioning, but never worked on android before.

If I wanted to use your method, how hard would it be to get started?

Anonymous 23/02/2019 04:38:24 14896>>14897

aluminum foil + remove battery when not in use + prepaid cards

Traps 23/02/2019 15:56:06 14897>>14898 >>14903

>aluminum foil
Useless since phone can just gather data and send it all once you reconnect.

>remove battery when not in use
Phones can have hidden internal batteries. Also most new smartphones have non-removable batteries.

>prepaid cards
Doesn't help since in most cases you will still have an account connected to it with your details (I only use prepaid but I have it registered in my name so I can manage my account online). It can always be linked to your identity anyway any looking at other data like who you call, plus all your DNS lookups will be seen and any non-https traffic. They can also get the imei of your phone so if you ever had a sim card in it with your identity known they can guess its you.

Traps 23/02/2019 16:03:48 14898

Also having a prepaid sim doesn't stop the nasty stuff your sim can do to you. Did you know your sim can run Java? And I'm pretty sure they can push shit to it over the network and I think it has higher privileges than the OS so you can't stop it with any software changes.

Traps 23/02/2019 16:16:34 14899

How hard it is depends entirely on the device. I tend to go for Samsung devices as I have the tools to work with them (Odin or Heimdall). Process for me with Samsung devices is usually as follows:

- turn off device and find out the key combo to start it in 'download mode'
- connect over usb to PC running Heimdall or Odin
- detect device + install drivers etc. whatever until you can access
- in heimdall I think next thing was to copy the PIT file to get the partition information
- figure out which partition is the recovery partition (i think on my s3 mini it was kernel2 or something)
- download a custom recovery image like TWRP for your specific device
- flash this onto your device, it will probably auto restart into recovery mode
- now you can disconnect PC and never need it again, from here on you can use your new recovery software to do everything
- get the key combo to start your phone in recovery mode so you can get into it whenever you need to
- download a custom rom flashable zip file and put it on your sd card
- you can start in recovery mode and use that software to flash the rom zip
- you can do this as much as you like whenever to switch roms

Some people talk about 'rooting' your phone first. With this technique there is no need to root your phone by running exploits.
If you want root access (and of course you should) just flash pre-rooted roms.

Anonymous 24/02/2019 00:29:16 14902
File: images.jpg (8.26 KB, 245x206)

Anonymous 24/02/2019 08:24:51 14903

just use a raspberry pi
plug in an ethernet cable and use voip
it's pure profit

Anonymous 24/02/2019 09:33:49 14904

For mobility use anthenas 😃

Anonymous 25/02/2019 13:50:32 14909>>14915 >>14916

If a company started making surveillance free phones everyone would want them. The media would start calling them terrorist phones and the gubbermint would make em illegal. In the future there is no place for privacy

Anonymous 26/02/2019 22:42:22 14915>>14916

You really think so? Both the phones and no privacy in the future thing.

At the very least, in the future, I can become an Alaskan bush pilot and not use any (really use minimal - no phone, no computer, maybe GPS?) surveillance technology at all.

Traps 26/02/2019 23:32:16 14916>>14986

>If a company started making surveillance free phones everyone would want them.
2 issues here, first a surveillance free phone is impossible, if it connects to a mobile network then you can be surveiled, if it doesn't then its not a phone so its impossible. Second you're wrong in thinking that everyone would want them. The demand would be very low, only people like us care, normies could not give a shit and they would probs blast the privacy phone for not having something retarded and they would just continue to buy iPhones.

>The media would start calling them terrorist phones and the gubbermint would make em illegal.
>You really think so? Both the phones and no privacy in the future thing.
Yep, this is what is happening now with encryption.

Anonymous 27/02/2019 00:46:22 14917>>14918

Offline maping is easy to make with iPad

Traps 27/02/2019 00:48:12 14918

Nothing is easy with iPad.

Anonymous 27/02/2019 00:54:23 14920>>14921

Got a jail break it

Traps 27/02/2019 01:11:39 14921>>14985

Still worthless.

Anonymous 10/03/2019 05:31:18 14985

rooted nook color from 2012 is the ultimate platform

Anonymous 10/03/2019 05:34:20 14986>>14988

am i out of the loop with encryption?
what's the deal with that then tbh

Traps 10/03/2019 20:07:26 14988>>14989

Some countries are trying to paint encryption as something that 'enables the terrorists to communicate' or whatever and wanna ban it. See:



kyle 10/03/2019 23:29:26 14989>>14990

The UK would rue the day they ever decided to ban encrypting devices. I'd move back to NY if shit like that starts getting passed in Parliament. IHMAHHJINN MOY SHOWCK

Traps 11/03/2019 00:46:18 14990>>14991

I think it will happen, esp. now with brexit the UK government will not have to answer to the EU and can do as it pleases. Cameron was the one that started talking about it and he is gone but his party is still in power I Theresa May wants to ban encrypted communication too. The UK has been fucked for a while now, they are getting worse and worse for survillance and shit too, the UK's GCHQ is the same shit as the NSA and they help each other with survillance (five eyes), also in terms of free speech, remember this shit?:


kyle 11/03/2019 00:54:54 14991>>14992
File: 1529196443390.png (400.21 KB, 498x369)

Oh, right

And I remember that dude. There's almost no free speech at our university and it drives everyone up the wall. I really hope things turn around soon dude. Holy shet.

Traps 11/03/2019 01:30:40 14992>>14993 >>14995

>There's almost no free speech at our university
What country is this?

I think there is little hope for society as a whole, you should surround yourself with some like-minded people that you can talk openly and freely with. As the major websites go more to shit people like us will naturally migrate to sites like this one, lainchan etc. Personally I'm working hard on my own site for my friends to use to communicate and am putting a heavy focus on privacy and security. Luckily there are people who do care and make good tools for us, esp. those who work on giving us good encryption like Let's Encrypt, GPG etc. and all who write Free Software, GNU/Linux, the BSDs and people at Purism working on the Librem 5 phone etc. I envision a kind of cyberpunk future were people like us will become more and more private and move underground as society in general moves further away from our ideals.

Anonymous 11/03/2019 13:42:13 14993

So you're saying we're gonna become the mutants that live in the sewers and eat rat burgers? Tubular!

kyle 11/03/2019 16:45:30 14995

England. It's only because of certain clubs/societies on campus constantly making a fuss.

I really hope we can have a future like that in at least some states/countries. That's be rad af.